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£30 Paypal Cash (approx $50) & Dark Light Poetry Volume II EBook Plus 5 Runner Ups! WW 3/9

Dark Light Poetry
Volume II
by Alexander J. Mitchell
Excerpt and Giveaway

A hauntingly beautiful dark-light themed poem collection. Once you read it, your heart will be drawn into a magickal and enchanting world of love eternal. Let your soul wander into the depths of Alexander's heart.

By Alexander J. Mitchell.

Poems of the lovers in darkness and hope, to light and dark light.
Across the dark to light and perfectly merged; dark-light visible.
Sanctified true love on Earth, Heaven and Hell, to fields of dreams.
Of Devils, Angels, Dragons, Phoenicis to Werewolves & Vampires.
With mystery and romance of lust infernal and in love eternal.
In waves of deep mind, body and soul, from the heart.
The second book of Gothic themed dark-light verse.


1 Eternally Entwined
2 Sanctifying Sweetness
3 Twilight Sanctuary
4 In The Forest Of Dark Night
5 For Evermore
6 Eternal Lament Of Mourning
7 Serpentine Hearts
8 Through Fire And Water
9 Entwined 'Til Fade And Beyond
10 Deep Across The Dark
11 The Fading Of My Cries
12 Dark Twilight Fire

13 Heartland Home
14 Enchanted Forever In Love
15 Guardian Hearts
16 Always For You – My Starshine
17 Fields Of Our Dreams
18 Dreamfields Forevermore
19 Heart Keeper
20 Perfect Love
21 Evernight Dreams
22 A Wish And A Prayer
23 May A Prayer Bless
24 An Eternal Journey With You

Dark Light:
25 Twilight Twins
26 Under The Bloodmoon
27 Falling For You
28 Path Of The Heart
29 Exile Of The Dark Light Knight
30 An Eternity For You
31 Dance Of Haunting Melody
32 For Serenity Under The Moonlit Sky
33 You're The One
34 Evernight Garden
35 Dark-light Guardians
36 Dark Light Love

~knight~ ilu8 my ~sage~

Excerpt Of Poem: 
For Serenity Under The Moonlit Sky

Entwined yet lost one night, delirious on my path along the shore.
Restless again for you, searching for a way to end this cold fever.
My footprints in the sand are covered in waves, of light and shade.
For one night, dreams of the fall, visions of the rise enchanted...

I shiver and shake, in the endless night, navigating by your star.
A sacred signal, for a moment evermore – our sight beyond sight.
Timeless the space, in love bound so deeply by darkest passion.
My journey takes me closer to you, my sanctuary across the dark...

Ever shining, hearing your radiant calling... my hauntress in dreams.
Sweetest salvation, await for me, in the deepest part of your heart.
Pursuing a ghost trail, for it leads me unto you – cries and echoes.
A bond by blood falls so deep inside you, my heart beats for you...

My huntress lighting my way... closer I overcome darkness and decay.
I see you from within, as skies turn black, to the coming of dark fall.
Onwards, hidden steps take me closer still – blinded by tears in rain.
Singing for me so alluringly binds my way in a sweetness dark-light...

The haunting melody of your evocative soul, my destiny forevermore.
We are falling stars burning in the evernight – so close we are at last.
A threshold before moonlit caress, for sweetest kisses of bloodfire...
To lay down with you in deepest dark, for a serene eternal embrace...

The first book in the series.
This is how it all began:

Dark Light Poetry.
By Alexander J. Mitchell.

From the dark to light and perfectly merged; dark-light visible.
Of this world, on Earth, Heaven and Hell, to beyond.
Of Devils and Angels to Werewolves and Vampires.
With romance of lust infernal and in love eternal.
In deep mind, body and soul, from inner heart.
A book of Gothic themed dark-light verse.

Copyright: Alexander J. Mitchell © 2011.

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Depths Of The Heart.
Forest Of Our Night.
In Lunar Blood-lust Sanctity.
Evergreen Night.
Dark Rivers Of The Heart.
Sacred Sanctity.
Entwined Twilight Souls.
Dreams Of Twilight Fire.
Cold Twilight Fire.
Heartland Lake.
Prayers For Fade.

Biospheres - The Eternal Journey.
Enchanted Labyrinth.
Guardians Of Divine Love.
I Love You - You’re My Everything.
Once In Eternity.
By Two Worlds Combined.
With You Always.
As Our Eternal Love Grows.
Evergreen Just the Same For You.
Lost In Our Dream-fields.
Blessed Perfection.
Her Light.

Dark Light:
Complete Forevermore.
Dark-light Angels.
Across The Darkest Passage.
Infernal Lust And Eternal Love.
Eternal Shine.
Guiding Star Of My Heart.
As I Fade.
Last Exit To Beyond.
The Rains Of The End.
Sacred Starshine.
Love 'Til Fade And Beyond.

~knight~ ilu8 my ~sage~

Excerpt Of Poem: 
Heartland Lake

Upon a cold winter's eve night, I so hear the pale calling;
Pining, beckoning, drawing me now closer, to follow you down.
The wind seems to murmur along to me, as further I descend,
In a dream-like reverie of shadowed mist and eerie moonlight.

Deeper down in my heart, for you, I still feel just the same…
I hear the haunting melody, a call of sweetness in your voice.
Memories evergreen, as the dark trees encircling my descent.
Closer I come, hallowed domain of truest love and deepest lust.

I arrive, a wild deep blue lake, black rock, for my soul-bound.
Twelve pines spire around the water’s edge, ah my love dark-light.
The mystic wind sings hymns of forever, as I kneel before you...
With arms outstretched, I beseech your name, here for you forever.

I draw cold breaths, shallow beating heart, dark lover of night.
You glide in ephemeral passage across to me by the water's edge.
The wind begins to fade, bringing in the new dawn, deeper down;
You wrap me in your heart, as we fall in this lake of our paradise…

Author Alexander J.Mitchell was born and grew up in the South East Of England. He has always enjoyed immersing himself in books, art, music, films and the outdoors. He is fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming an accomplished novelist. A few years ago, he met the love of his life, who also inspired him to start writing again. This triggered the writing and publishing of Dark Light Poetry - A beautiful collection of heart-touching and enchantingly deep poems of love and passion. He is self-published on Amazon. Dark Flight Home - And Other Tales, his second book, is a collection of short stories of animals and mythological beasts. Dark Light Poetry Volume 2 is his latest book. He lives with his cat that found him as a stray and will not leave him alone. He is planning to move to the countryside with his adored fiancée, along with her very large mountain dog, his tennis-ball crazy Labrador dog and dinner-bowl obsessed cat. Currently he is preparing his sequence of novels. He is rather alternative, listens to a lot of heavy and melodic doom metal, really likes chocolate cookies with ice-cream, yet is also crazily romantic and very much in love.


One lucky winner will receive £30 Paypal Cash and an e-copy of Dark Light Poetry Volume II, and there will be 5 runner ups - each will win an e-copy of Dark Light Poetry Volume II.
Giveaway starts at 02/14 and ends at 03/08.
The giveaway is open worldwide as long as you can legally enter. Winner must have a PayPal account.
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