Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our very FIRST Wordless Wednesday!

 Apparently Ezio was too cool to drink his Capri Sun from a straw! haha. I've never seen a kid drink their Capri Sun like this. 

 Our first walk to the park and Ezio's first time wearing shoes. I'm a strong believer that shoes should not be put on a baby or toddlers feet until several months after they are walking on their own. He only tripped a couple times when we first left the house. 

Cade on our walk to the park, he loves sunglasses and hoods or hats. Yes, his sunglasses are purple, but he could care less what color they are. However he would LOVE green or blue sunglasses.

See you next week for more Wordless-Wednesday!!


  1. What cuties you have!! I love the Capri Sun. LOL Nice!
    Cade has some pretty cool shades. Love the jacket. :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! The jacket is one of my most recent steals! Only $2 very gently used at a local resale kids boutique. :)