Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vintage Key and Green Glass Bead Necklace Review

I received a vintage key and green glass bead necklace from Clare's Etsy Shop - Mylana.
 My ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL necklace came wrapped in pink tissue paper and it was inside of this pretty pink Organza bag, which was slightly scented with perfume!
If you haven't already guessed by how often I use this color... but green is my absolute favorite color! And I absolutely love the green and black beads on this necklace. As much as I love green, the green bead is not my favorite part of this necklace. 

The Vintage Key, truly is vintage! Clare, the owner of Mylana he informed me that she found the vintage keys at a local hardware store in Tennessee. They were on a sale table with some other odds and ends. The Hardware store informed Clare that they found these keys in the basement and they are over 30 years old! I absolutely LOVE that this is a true vintage key and not just a key that appears to be vintage that you can pick up at most craft stores!

When I received this necklace I put it on Immediately! I was sitting outside with the kids and my mom, who lives in the upper of the duplex seen it and keeps asking when she can wear it. 

Please check out Clare's Etsy Shop! She also sells soaps, candies, melting tarts, bracelets, earrings, etc!! So many wonderful things to check out.
The Vintage Key w/Glass Beads Necklaces are only $17.00, what a great price!
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Sarh S

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