Monday, May 14, 2012

Picky Sticky Review

Picky Sticky!
About Picky Sticky
Picky Sticky started when our daughter was born. Each week I wrote her age on a piece of paper and then took her picture sitting next to it. As time passed I got a little more creative and dressed it up a bit with designs, using all the power Microsoft Word could muster.
As she was getting older it was getting harder for her to sit still. That is when I saw some cute onesies with iron-on transfers that were pretty expensive. I didn’t know what size she was going to be at each stage and at that point the idea of using a sticker popped into my head. Thus, Picky Sticky was born.
As avid fans of photography, we enjoy keeping our family history. Having a collection of photos of each milestone really put into perspective how much our babies changed and how fast time flew by. We are so glad we have these photos to remember our growing children.

 My Review
I received the Creature Feature pack of Picky Sticky to review. I LOVE this idea! I tried them out on EJ who is 4 months old. 
I tried them out on the red onesie EJ has on and the red was too dark in the back, I just always seen them on a white onesie and wanted to give something different a try. So then I tried them on a yellow tank top and it was still pretty dark, but a bit better.
 Since the Picky Sticky was still a bit dark and hard to see on the yellow tank top I gave in and used a white onesie.
I plan to continue to post monthly picture of EJ with the Picky Sticky until he reaches a year old. Picky Sticky will make it so much easier when looking back through photos to know how old he was in them instead of having to guess or hope that they were uploaded to the computer during the correct months and year of each photo like I have to do with JJ and CJ's photos. 

Picky Sticky would be great for a new or expectant mother, they have them in all different themes and colors for, baby boys, baby girls and surprise gender. In sets for Birth to one year and also sets for one year to two years old. They have some for First Milestones, numbers 0-12 that do not say "months", "Belly Stickers" for expectant mothers, which are super cute! Wish I knew about these when I was pregnant! Or if you are unsure what the expecting mother or someone with a little baby would want for the theme or color you can purchase a gift certificate and allow them to purchase their own.

If you would like to purchase Picky Sticky for your baby you can do so HERE!
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  1. I love this idea!!!!! it's great to document the babies age!!

  2. I think these are a great idea. Its not always easy to look back and remember.

  3. This is really cute! I never thought of doing that with my daughters. I don't like putting a date stamp on my camera's pics so this would have been nice to do. I do have to guess and sometimes I feel bad because I can't remember. Oh well. Great post. Have a great day!!