Monday, May 18, 2015

Door to Door Organics Review & Video Unboxing

Disclosure: We received the below products in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own. 

Door to Door Organics - Organic Food Delivery Service
Door to Door Organics partners with farmers to bring fresh and organic foods to your doorstep. Eating healthy, organic foods has never been easier. With Door to Door Organics you can skip that trip to the grocery store and order online, the best part is... no delivery fee! DTDO finds the freshest seasonal organic produce and then create a custom box just for you. You can make 5 substitutions to your weekly box and shop their while selection of vegetables and fruit. The produce they offer is always USDA Certified Organic and sourced locally whenever possible. 

In the above photo, it shows our first box on the left hand side. The orange UnSub are three items that I substituted other products for. Prior to receiving your box, you will receive an email letting you know that your box is on it's way. This way you can log into your account and either put a hold on it if you're going to be out of town or don't want the delivery for that day/week or to also substitute certain items for things you may like better. The website and your account are both very simple to use. 

You can find your Order Details in several places. The order details in your account will show you the quantity of each item that you will receive as well as the cost. Also in your account you can of course edit your information, as well as your subscription and other things. There is nothing hidden or hard to understand, everything is very straight forward and easy to understand and figure out. So you wont get stuck with a box that you really wanted to cancel or whatnot. 

You can also create meal plans on the Door to Door Organics website with their products.

Ezio loves when our fruit drawer is full! I'm surprised he hasn't turned into an orange yet. 

And... not so fond of the veggies that were nearly over flowing in our veggie drawer. He's not a big fan of many veggies, which we're working on and since receiving these Door to Door Organics boxes with a larger variety of veggies in them, I have been able to get him to try some new and different veggies. 

We received these delicious organic produce in our first box:

Item DescriptionPriceQtyTotal Price
Medium Mixed Box$44.991 Box$44.99
Cucumbers1 EA
Avocados1 EA
Celery1 EA
Garlic, Bulb1 EA
Peppers, Red Bell1 EA
Pineapple1 EA
Citrus, Lemons2 EA
Potatoes, Red3 EA
Carrots 1Lb1 EA
Citrus, Oranges Navel2 EA
Pears, Bartlett2 EA
Tomatoes, Red2 EA
Apples, Braeburn4 EA
Bananas (stage 3)5 EA
Citrus, Tango Mandarins5 EA

Our second box contained: 

Item DescriptionPriceQtyTotal Price
Medium Mixed Box$44.991 Box$44.99
Peppers, Red Bell1 EA
Pears, Red Bartlett4 EA
Chard, Rainbow Bunch1 EA
Garlic, Bulb1 EA
Lettuce, Red Leaf1 EA
Onions, Spring Red Bunch1 EA
Radishes, Red1 EA
Apples, Cameo2 EA
Apples, Fuji2 EA
Mango, Yellow Ataulfo2 EA
Pears, Bartlett2 EA
Citrus, Blood Oranges3 EA
Potatoes, Russet3 EA
Citrus, Tango Mandarins4 EA
Bananas (stage 3)4 EA

And our third and last box:

Item DescriptionPriceQtyTotal Price
Medium Mixed Box$44.991 Box$44.99
Peppers, Red Bell1 EA
Mango1 EA
Cucumbers1 EA
Citrus, Grapefruit1 EA
Chard, Red Bunch1 EA
Peas, Snow1 EA
Radishes, Red1 EA
Tomatoes, Mixed Heirloom Grape1 EA
Cilantro, Bunch1 EA
Pears, Red Bartlett3 EA
Garlic, Bulb3 EA
Apples, Gala4 EA
Citrus, Murcott Mandarins4 EA
Bananas (stage 3) GLR5 EA

Ezio took great pride in helping me unbox all three boxes, including our second box which we have an unboxing video of! You can view that right down below.

We received a Red Bell Pepper in every box we received and Ezio insisted that every one of those peppers was actually an apple. So I let him have at it and while he did attempt to bite into the pepper he did not eat it as I had sort of hoped. I guess once he broke through the skin of the pepper he realized it tasted different. However, he still calls them apples. It's rather cute. 

A medium mixed produce box lasts us not quite a full week! All of the kids as well as myself mow down on fruit and veggies more so then we have ever done with candy! Unless it's chocolate. Everyone LOVES apples and I managed to get my picky eater, Cade, to try a pear by cutting them both up and sort of mixing them together. He didn't think that was very clever of me, took one bite and immediately knew it was not an apple, after that he knew which slices were apples and which were pears. "Breaks the game", as my grandfather used to say. Ezio and Jada on the other hand will eat apples and pears like they were the last food on the Earth. Jada eats much more veggies then the boys which is awesome! She has always loved salad and typically will eat a salad before a "meal" or other sorts. 

Jada and I had a delicious Spaghetti Dinner with Red Leaf Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and of course bacon. We also had a side of cucumbers, cause well, we just love cucumbers. Jada mostly ate her salad and cucumbers of course. 

Blood Orange!

Honestly, I don't ever remember having had a blood orange growing up so this was a first for me as well as Ezio (my little orange boy). I was quite nervous that he wouldn't eat it due to it's dark purple color, but after a quick ew, he tried it and loves them! 

Ezio ate all of the blood oranges and also "scared" his sister with the "Ew!". Jada thought the orange was rotten and that's why it was a purple color, she refused to try it. 

All of the fruits and veggies we received in our three boxes were delicious and of great quality. Some of the leafy veggies did have tiny little red bugs on them, but they are normal and due to not having harsh chemical pesticides sprayed on the produce.  They washed off rather easy and you couldn't even tell they were there. We did not receive any rotten or molding produce and my favorite part is that we didn't bring any fruit flies into the house! EVERY time we go to our traditional grocery store for produce we typically end up bringing home fruit flies.... and it's impossible to get rid of them with how much fruit and veggies we have in the house at any given time. We had no issues at all! Making a huge plus for DTDO from my point of view. 

Is DTDO Available in Your Area?
DTDO is available in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan and the Tri-State area.

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Twitter - @dtdOrganics

Have you used Door to Door Organics? What do you like most about DTDO?


  1. I have never heard of DTDO before! This is totally new to me~ Sounds awesome~ Not right now but maybe sometime in the close future I would like to try this Out! I love Organic products. I am going to post this on my Facebook Wall to share with my friends. Thankyou for Posting.

  2. What a wonderful subscription! Getting organic foods is getting easier in my small town but there is still a lot I can't get. This is a great alternative!

  3. I really enjoyed Ezio's video :) This sure is a great way to ensure that the produce we buy is fresh, nutritious and Organic! The prices seem pretty reasonable!