Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The BEST Sippy Cup We've EVER Used!! Poli Sippy Cup Review!

Disclosure: I received the below product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from your own. 

Poli Sippy Cup

Poli Sippy Cup was created by a mom just like you and I. She was frustrated with traditional and straw sippy cups like many of us are. Many traditional spill-resistant sippy cup feature small passageways which make it difficult to clean them in order to prevent bacteria and/or mold growth. As well as losing the small valves which without them the cup is no longer spill resistant. So with the Poli Sippy Cup these issues are solved with it's unique patented "easy to clean and no parts to lose" design. The small parts come apart for easy cleaning and can go right in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. Small parts are tethered to the inside of the lid and will not get lost. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Poli CupHumpty Dumpty Poli CupHey Diddle Diddle Poli Cup
The Poli Sippy Cups come in three original nursery rhyme designs which were hand drawn and colored by the mom behind Poli Sippy Cups. Each of the illustrations took her over 30 hours to complete. When purchasing your Poli you can choose from Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

Poli Sippy Cups are made in the USA. They are BPA, phthalates and lead free. Making just one less worry for moms. 

We received a Poli Sippy Cup ($14.95ARV) and I can honestly say this is the first cup that not only does NOT leak, but it is also the only cup that Ezio has NOT been able to open on his own!! Between Cade, who will be 5 years old in June and Ezio who is now 3 years old, we've bought many many different brands and types of sippy and straw cups. Some of the traditional cups the boys have had some issues with being able to get the milk, water or juice out of the cup. I've had issues opening the cups even though Ezio's been able to open them. 

If you have a child who loves to bang their cup or drop it from varying heights you'll know that most traditional cups valves fall out and then you have an even bigger leak. Ezio threw this cup off of the top bunk onto the hardwood flooring and they was no mess, no leak, the valve stayed in placed! Perfection! 

The illustration on the Humpty Dumpty cup we received looks beautiful and you can tell it was hand drawn and colored with love from a mom. I love the detail in the illustrations, you can definitely tell the amount of time that went into it. We would love to be able to see the others in person as well. 

While Ezio is three years old and can drink from an open top/regular cup we do still use a sippy cup when we take long car rides or if we have lots of errands to run so he has his own mess free drink. 

This is the perfect sippy cup for all infants and toddlers! We started introducing sippy cups around 6 months old, they always had a sippy cup of water around where they were playing. Neither of them really took to a bottle as they were both breastfed so there wasn't much of a bottle battle with them. If this cup was around when we first started introducing them to the sippy cup this would have saved us so much money (trying to find the right one for them as well as having to replace due to lost valves or mold growth), time, hassle, less to virtually no mess, etc.!


Discount Code! 
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What is your favorite feature of the Poli Sippy cup? 


  1. I love that these feature original artwork based on nursery rhymes, cute concept! My stepkids are teenagers, so I don't really have a need for sippy cups (thank goodness!) but these are really cute, and it seems quite practical.

  2. Love the nursery rhymes that is different. I also love the top too. I am out of the sippy cup stage...never to return (knocks on wood) but my friend is having a baby soon and she would love this.

  3. How I wish these were available back when my little one was using sippy cups! I cannot even begin to count the amount of cups I had thrown out due to missing parts, molded/stained small pieces, leaky seals, etc. I will definitely forward this to my friends with little ones, thank you!

  4. I'm so glad that I came across this post. I am having such a hard time finding great sippy cups and milk keeps getting spilled EVERYWHERE. Writing the name down now for the next time I can shop!


  5. My youngest loves suppy cups but we are having a hard time finding kinds he will use and not bite the nipples, or even hard plastic part at the tip. I wonder if this would be a good one for him? It looks great and sure is super cute!

    1. Hi Jeanine,

      It's a soft spout but very chew resistant. My friend's daughter (with teeth) has been using it for about six months and there are no teeth marks or pieces coming off. A little out of shape but still in tact and working. We guarantee the spouts for up to six months and provide free replacement parts if they don't hold up. My goal is to save moms $$, time , hassle in the long run. Not make her life harder. Thanks! Gwen

  6. Wow, prefect timing for me to read this post! We're down to our last two cups, and not even that since they both leak! I love how you even described how your son tossed it off the top bunk! My youngest is constantly throwing his cups, and they always break or start to leak! Definitely getting this one. Thanks!!

  7. Where was this sippy cup when my kids were younger?? I hated how they leaked all over the place and always were I had no idea were they left them. I am going to have to tell my sister in law about this cup!

  8. These cups look AWESOME! We've got three kids and have been through our fair share of sippy cups - and there are SO many out there with major flaws (like the bacteria getting caught in straws, as you mentioned). I can't wait to check these cups out for our daughter, who's 2 and will be using sippy cups for a while yet.

  9. I love the Hey Diddle Diddle design. It's what I decorated my first child's bedroom with.

  10. I love that this sippy cup has the valves and small parts tethered to the cup! We tend to not lose the valves of other sippy cups but we ALWAYS lose the straws or they fall through the dishwasher basket and melt on the element :( The artwork on these is such a nice touch!

  11. I still use a sippy cup in the car too, and my son is seven, hahaha. Better safe than sorry, and if you're going to have a cup in the car...you're usually going to be sorry (unless it's a sippy ;) ). We had a milkshake spill not long ago, oy, what a mess.

  12. Awwww how cute and cool are these sippy cups, I do not yet have kids so I am not familiar with the sippy cup struggle yet but a product made my a mother definitely has the potential to make life easier for mother and child. Nice review

  13. Love that it is spill proof. My daughter spilled so many things and we spent so much money on sippy cups.

  14. id love to try this on the grandkids,,i never had enought sippy cups

  15. These sound great! My sister in law could totally use a few of these for sure. I will be sure to tell her about the 20% off coupon... thx :)

  16. These looks like great cups! I hope they last because I have fallen in love with many sippy cups for them to either break or something cracks on them months later and then I just have to buy more!!

  17. Nice idea to have nursery rhymes designs. The top looks good and easy to sip for toddlers! Great for my friends with small kids! will be sharing with them.

  18. I wish that these were around when my babies were actually babies! Thanks for the review

  19. My daughter is 14 months and the regular junk still works for her, but when it doesn't, I'll be sure to get some of these beauties! They're so cute and they look like such high quality that I may not be able to resist getting these and recycling the rest!

  20. These are really the nicest looking sippy cups that I have ever seen! Love these!

  21. I love all 3 sippy cups they are so cute. I love the colors and designs. I would have to say that My favorite is the cow jumped over the moon is my favorite. I love the Orange top with the Blue sky along with the cow jumping over the moon. So Cute!!

  22. I love that they are easy to clean.