Thursday, May 1, 2014

VoloVitamins Review

Volo Vitamins
Disclosure: We received these products in exchange for our honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own. 
VoloVitamins company consists of parents, nutritionist, scientists, doctor and all-around health nuts, what a great team to come together to develop the world's best all natural, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement. VoloVitamins are quick and easy and even tasty enough for everyone to enjoy, yes, including those picky children who will not only enjoy the taste, but also the health and wellness benefits from them as well. All of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis is packed into one single serving of VoloVitamins. 

One of the best things about VoloVitamins, or at least my favorite thing about them is that they come in nifty little 'Volopak' that you can carry with you anywhere you go. These little packets would fit inside of any purse, diaper bag, even a small coin purse or just your pocket! Know what that means? Keep the man you love in good health! He can simply place the Volopak in his pocket! Just simply add the Volopak to a glass of water or juice. VoloVitamins dissolves fast, this means that it is quickly and completely absorbed by your body.

All VoloVitamins are made in the USA!

We received both VoloVitamins for mom which come in Energy and Wellness & Immunity and VoloVitamins for Kids. All of these are available in Berry Burst and Citrus/Orange flavors and available in 30 or 40 stickpack boxes, but the kids are also available in a 15stickpack box. The kids as well as the mom/adult stickpacks dissolve quickly in 8 ounces of water or juice, just a few quick stirs and ready to drink! 

Cade, my nearly 4 year old really needs a daily vitamin due to his lack of eating. We are working on figuring out what is causing his eating issue and are leaning towards to severe reflux. For now, I give him a daily vitamin. Before discovering VoloVitamins it was a fight to get him to chew up children's chewable vitamins. The hard candy like ones are gross and gritty and the gummy ones... lets face it, they are just plain old gross! So we gave VoloVitamins a shot and I was a little unsure of him actually drinking them, personally I think most things that you mix into water are not so great tasting. However, he drinks them just fine added to water! He greatly prefers the orange over the berry burst though and Ezio seems to be opposite so I guess that worked out! 

Cade loves helping me mix his vitamin into his water in his cup. The other day when we got home from the park he told me he wasn't feeling good and wanted his vitamin. He hadn't had a VoloPak yet for the day so I let him help me mix one up for himself, in turn of course I then had to do the same for Ezio so he could be like his big brother. I feel great giving VoloVitamins to both of my boys and I would also give them to Jedilynn if she would drink it, but I swear she is picker then my Mr. Cade who is the pickiest! 

Personally I have tried the VoloVitamins Energy and Wellness & Immunity and they are not horrible tasting, but it's also not something I'd drink all day so I guess it's a good thing that it's only an 8oz glass each day. I didn't have to choke it down or plug my nose and drink it. I'm rather picky about the things I will eat and drink... hmmm... I guess we see where my children get their finickiness from huh...? 

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What do you like the most about VoloVitamins? Would you give your child or take VoloVitamins yourself in place of your current daily vitamin?

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