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Little Green Pouch Review & Giveaway US 7/16

Little Green Pouch

How the Little Green Pouch came about!
During a visit to the grocery store, Maggie popped the tops of two pouches and gave them to her adorable sons, she watched them for a bit in amazement as her boys quietly sat in the cart and worked out ounces of healthy fruits and veggies, which they wouldn't dare eat out of a bowl. She sped through her remaining grocery list in relative peace. By the time the shriveled pouches moved along the conveyor belt at checkout to be paid for, Maggie realized that she had every item on her grocery list and thought to herself, when the last time that had happened?! Someone's new product had made her life easier, and she was in love. 

While Maggie loved the food pouches because her children could feed themselves and they would still be clean after doing so and also that she did not have to make sure she had spoons, bibs, bowls, napkins and food in breakable jars everywhere she went. Her love for these pouches were short lived due to the expense, limited variety of foods available in these pouches and the amount of waste with the single use pouches. Having to throw away those single-use packages made her realize the world needed a reusable food pouch that could be filled with the foods her children liked or the foods she wanted them to like. This would help her save money as well as our planet. Not a bad idea hey? Yes, I did have the same idea as her.

An idea is just that, an idea, until you make it happen, like Maggie did. She reached out to her close friend who is a designer and recent new mom of baby Bailey, Melissa to help. Maggie and Melissa realized that they wanted to create a product that wasn't just practical, but one that was also beautiful. Something they would be proud to pull out at the playground, park or store. They even wanted something that they would also eat out of themselves!  

Little Green Pouches at Mami's 3 Little Monkeys
Shortly after trying our first prepackaged pouch foods last summer when Ezio was only about 7 months old and absolutely falling in love with him being able to feed himself already I told Dan that we should come up with a way to make reusable pouches! I had an idea all planned out, but no one to help and no idea where to even begin the process of creating these nor did I even know how to or where to go to discuss production of these pouches. A few months after my brainy idea, but no where to go with it I seen The Little Green pouch and all I could say to myself was AHA! See it is possible!! And I knew I had to try this awesome creation! 

  Little Green Pouch (4-Pack) - Reusable Food Pouches 

We received a 4 pack of Little Green Pouches (ARV $14.99) to try out. My children and I absolutely love them and ever since receiving our Little Green Pouches we have not bought a single prepackages single-use pouch! I absolutely love that I am able to put the food inside of the pouch, so I know exactly what the boys are eating and I know they will like what is inside! 

The Little Green Pouch is BPA Free and phthalate free. These reusable food pouches are dishwasher and freezer safe. The bottom of these pouches expands and also makes a nice "stand" for the pouch, allowing it to stand freely. Also, they hold up to 6 oz. They are super easy to fill, even if you only have one free hand to fill the pouch with! There have been many times that I've had to hold Ezio in one arm and spoon the puree or yogurt into the pouch, only making little to no mess.

Cade will only eat from the Little Green Pouch! We received some of a different color from another brand and he refuses to touch those, not exactly sure why, but green is his favorite color! I have filled our pouches with greek yogurt, regular yogurt, apple sauce (both homemade and store bought), tons of other purees, etc! Ezio will not touch a single puree from a spoon, granted he is 18 months old and does not need purees anymore, but even apple sauce or anything to be eaten with a spoon that I wouldn't want him to make a huge mess with he has a fit if I try to feed him it with a spoon. This is the perfect solution and I can not keep stuff in the house to make and put in the pouches to give him and Cade for more then a few days!! 

Ezio's high chair is lined up with a clear shot to the kitchen and he definitely gets a bit impatient as soon as he sees the pouch in my hand because he wants it NOW! While both of my boys will eat fruits and veggies from a bowl and love to, unlike Maggie's two boys, I still prefer to give them pouches sometimes because as you can tell in the photo above his hands are completely clean, his shirt and face are also clean except just a smidgen of bananas on his lip. Ezio wont even pick up a piece of a banana, but loves them pureed in the pouches, he doesn't like the feel of them on/in his hands. 

Cleaning the Little Green Pouch?
Easy as pie! While they are dishwasher safe, I do not have a dishwasher, unfortunately. All I do is rinse them out with hot water, which gets nearly everything out of the pouch and then I take my soapy dish rag/sponge and wipe out the inside. The little spout is super easy to rinse and wash out as well! Nothing has gotten stuck in any little crevasse or anything like that. These are way easier to wash them sippy cups, that is for sure!

Head on over to Little Green Pouch and check out their awesomely delicious sounding recipes! You can view recipes by age so no need to search and search for ones appropriate for the little ones or recipes with more variety for the older toddlers and children. We have not tried any yet, but I definitely want to try the Greek Yogurt Smoothies! That one would have to be for Ezio and I only though as Cade is allergic to tree nuts. 
Connect with Little Green Pouch!
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