Monday, July 1, 2013

What is your favorite ice cream? #RockYourBlog

My absolute favorite ice cream is... wait... that would mean I'd have to pick just ONE doesn't it?!? Umm... I don't think I'm able to choose just one, but I can definitely narrow it down to just two that I always eat and I pretty much rotate through them. 

#1 would probably have to be Oreo Ice Cream!!

 #2 would be Cookie Dough!

When we have either of the two above ice creams I do not share them usually! Everyone else in the house will eat the entire cartons before I get a single bite. So since I've learned my lesson, I devour the entire tub before anyone else is even given the chance to take one bite! Mean? I think not! Them eating all of my favorite ice cream is mean! haha. Okay, so ice cream isn't such a war or life or death thing here, we just rarely have it.

So what is your favorite ice cream? Is it just a certain flavor or does it have to be a specific brand as well?


  1. Hahaha! Love your post! All is fair in love and ice cream. :)

  2. Straight Vanilla or Peanut Butter for me.

  3. Your favorites are the same as my oldest daughter. She doesn't live with me any longer, but she and I still buy frozen treats that we don't share with my younger children. :-)

  4. I'm a sucker for a good chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Harris Teeter makes a really great one, as does Blue Bunny. I've been trying to eat all natural lately, though, and when I went to buy ice cream the other day I read their labels. :/ I looked at the other options and discovered Turkey Hill All Naturals. I picked up the Cherry Vanilla and it was awesome - and I knew all the ingredients! I'm still craving the choc peanut butter, though. When it gets really bad, I take the dark chocolate almond milk, a frozen banana and a spoon of PB and blend it together for a splurge.

  5. Your favorites are mine as well. Oreo & Chocolate chip cookie dough are amazing! Key Lime Pie & Birthday Cake by Blue Bell are awesome as well!!!

  6. Usually I am a plain vanilla (the real stuff, not the artificially flavored stuff) or cookies and cream girl. I did try a fried ice cream flavor (remember ChiChis) our local grocery had that was awesome!