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Introducing Sudsy Dough, Revolutionizing Bath Time on Kickstarter!

Introducing Sudsy Dough, Revolutionizing Bath Time on Kickstarter
April 2nd, 2015 – Bath time will never be the same thanks to Sudsy Dough™ moldable bath soap introduced on Kickstarter April 1st. Sudsy Dough was designed by a family to make bath time fun for kids who don't enjoy time in the tub. Kids can squeeze and squish Sudsy Dough in the bath, rub it on as a cleansing body wash, or take it outside the tub and make their own custom-shaped soaps. Sudsy Dough is moisturizing thanks to ingredients Shea butter and coconut oil and it will be available in a variety of fragrances and colors. The soap dough has a mild foaming agent that creates suds when run under water, and each ball of Sudsy Dough has a surprise squirt toy hidden inside!

"We created this innovative sensory soap to make bath time fun for our toddler who didn't really enjoy time in the tub. Now she asks for a bath every night!" said co-creator Katie Wallace. 
Sudsy Dough moldable bath soap

Andy and Katie Wallace designed Sudsy Dough to help make bath time easier and more engaging for families with kids. Sudsy Dough is their second innovative product launch — they also established the Yummi Pouch line of kids' snack time gear in 2012, selling 100,000 reusable food pouches in the first year to customers worldwide and carving their own niche in the competitive children's industry. Now the twenty-something couple is back at the drawing board with the launch of Sudsy Dough moldable bath soap, which they see as the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

"We graduated in 2008 with degrees in Business and Computer Science and didn't really like the opportunities available to us, so instead of taking what we were handed, we made opportunities for ourselves; created niches where there weren't any," said Katie.

The birth of their first child introduced the Wallaces to the world of baby products where they discovered a responsive market for innovative ideas. Katie's self-taught graphic design abilities and Andy's project management experience became the perfect combination for launching their own brand.

"We have always been inspired by creating niche products that help make people's lives easier and fun. Our own life raising two young daughters often sparks many of our product ideas. We are passionate about serving people, pursing adventures together, and creating solutions to life's challenges." said Katie.

The Sudsy Dough Kickstarter campaign will run April 1st to 30th, offering backers a range of ways to support the project. If the project reaches its $10,000 funding goal, Sudsy Dough will be available to the public in July 2015. The project also includes stretch goals for the production of Sudsy Dough Shimmer™, Sudsy Dough Geodes™, and Sudsy Dough Aromatherapy™ sets. For more information visit or to request media samples, email 

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