Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap Review

Disclosure: I received the below product in exchange for my honest review as I am a member of the Purex Insider team. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Hand Soap
Dial's Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap has been formulated with gentle micro scrubbers for deep cleansing while also moisturizing and smoothing the skin. It is infused with a creamy sweet scent that has been inspired by fresh cut sugar cane. 

I love Dial Soap products, currently I have four bottles at the kitchen sink where the majority of the hand washing is done. The Sugar Cane Husk, Deep Cleansing Liquid Soap is my current favorite. Before receiving this sample for review I did have a bottle that I purchased at the beginning of winter. I have to say that it has definitely helped my hands through the cold winter. Our home is an old, dry home so even if I wash dishes or other things around the house and don't go out into the cold weather my hands still become dry and itchy. I rarely had dry or itchy hands this winter and the only thing I've done differently is that I've washed my hands with this soap after I wash dishes each time. 

Everyone in our home uses this soap for their hand washing and we all love it! We love the scent of the soap and the deep cleansing. With three kids, two of which being little boys they are always washing their hands and I feel this hand soap helps get their hands nice and clean. Whether it be sticky food, juice, or who knows what else we've always accomplished nice clean hands with this soap

I feel this is a safe soap for myself and my children to use. Even with Ezio's eczema and sensitive skin I have not noticed any irritation or reactions from this soap which is an additional plus for me. Please note that this is just our personal experience, I can not say how others with or without eczema or sensitive skin will "handle" this soap. 

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Have you tried Dial's Deep Cleansing liquid hand soaps? What is your favorite Dial Soaps product? 


  1. It's been a while since I've used any Dial products, but lately, since they've come out with these new products, I will definitely be trying them! I would really like to try this Dial Deep Cleansing Sugar Cane Husk Liquid Hand Soap...your review has convinced me :)

  2. I like dial products. and use it all the time never have use this sugar cane husk hand soap.

  3. I have not yet tried Dial's Deep Cleansing liquid hand soaps. I love their bar soaps

  4. right now I have been using Deep Cleansing water blossoms hand soap in the kitchen it smells great and does a great job, "Aren't you glad we use DIAL"

  5. I Love Dial liquid handsoaps. We also love the Bar soaps. Our favorite is the Lavender Hand soap.
    This one the name Sugar Cane Husk kind of throws me off. It sounds very Harsh. Although I am sure it is Lovely too!!

  6. love using Dial products; especially their body washes

  7. My favorite Dial product so far is the Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash.

  8. I use Dial's liquid hand soaps all the time. My current favorite is the yellow raspberry/black sugar. I love the little scrubbies in it!

  9. I love Dial soap, but I have not yet tried their Deep Cleansing liquid hand soap.