Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Top 10 Anti Drunk Driving Ads (Sponsored Post)

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Top 10 Anti Drunk Driving Ads
The New York DUI Experts have compiled a top 10 list of anti drinking and driving ads from around the world. 

The #1 ad is a very chilling video from a young man who drove while drunk and killed another man. It is his confession and he did the right thing, he confessed and took responsibility for his actions. His actions which could have been prevented had he been responsible and not have gotten in his vehicle and attempted to drive home. 

I have a friend who was hit and killed by a drunk driver. It was Thanksgiving night and he was just about to turn off the street he lived on to take his best friend home. Their pick up truck was slammed into by a drunk driver who was doing over 80 MPH (the speed limit was only 35 MPH) and burst into flames (several explosions occurred). My friend's family members had to watch as their son/brother was burned alive. He wasn't no more then maybe 15 feet from his drive way when struck by the speeding drunk driver. Him and his best friend did many things together, but at just 22 years old and 20 years old they should not have died together that night. Their lives could have been spared and so many of us who loved them and called them our friend, brother and son wouldn't have to suffer and feel the pain in our hearts that we still do, five years later. It still seems so surreal and like it just happened.  

Just 2 months prior to this accident the drunk driver had received his 2nd DUI and he had already had his license revoked due to driving while under the influence. But that wasn't enough for this man to realize what he was doing was wrong and that he needed to stop. I wonder if he thinks about his actions and how they affected so many people. 

Please NEVER think or say anything along the lines of, "Oh, I'm fine to drive. It would never happen to me." Or "Oh, I've done it before and nothing happened." Because you never know when something will happen, you never know the severity of your actions until it's too late! 

As I'm sure you can tell, I am very anti drinking and driving. There are so many ways for you to get home or wherever. What if you were to hit a vehicle with small children in it and you killed those small children? I know from experience, that telling someone who drives while drinking doesn't seem to care much when you say, "What if you hit and kill someone?", but the light shines bright in their heads if you mention a child. You don't know what vehicle has a child in it and it really shouldn't matter if the person(s) you hit are children, teenagers, adults or seniors. It shouldn't happen and YOU can make it NOT happen!

The tenth ad on the top ten list is one that may catch the attention of younger people, around my age. 

"Don't Let Your Ego Drive You." 

The rest of the DUI Ads are also great. Be sure to check them out and watch the first video if you only watch one of them. 

Has your life been effected by a drunk driver? Please share your story below. 


  1. My friend and her 6 month old baby were killed by a drunk driver. He got 24 years in prison..3 lives totally WASTED! http://www.gjsentinel.com/news/articles/two-lives-cut-short-shandi-botel-and-natalia-casiano and http://www.nbc11news.com/home/headlines/80665992.html Please tell everyone, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

  2. This is sad. I hope people smarten up and realize how dangerous it is to drink and drive.

  3. Fortunately, I haven't been affected , nor personally know anyone who has been affected by a drunk driving tragedy! I do know that it is something that has to be taken seriously! We all need to be more responsible!

  4. Everyone should be against drunk driving. A designated driver is always a smart choice and I too hope people smarten up and realize how dangerous it is to drink and drive. My friend works in office of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer and have told me enough times importance of designated drivers.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. DUIs are really unacceptable, a sickness within our society so severe that it still infects our roads. It should be dealt with accordingly, and a good way to do that is to prevent it from happening in the first place. So thank you for helping spread awareness about the matter. I hope that those anti-drunk driving ads can convince people to stop patronizing the practice.

    Leticia Holt @ Kim E. Hunter, PLLC

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wish there were a way to completely end drunk driving and the tragedies it can and does cause, but with today's society I don't believe that will ever be possible. Hopefully we can educate our children of today enough for it to not happen as frequently in the future. Any time we're on the road I have anxiety and I try to explain to my fiancee that it's not so much HIS driving that makes me anxious, but rather those around us.