Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jackpot Candles Review & Video Reveal!

Disclosure: I received the below product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Jackpot Candles
Jackpot Candles are 100% natural soy wax candles that are hand-poured. With Jackpot Candles you can enjoy your candle, but once the flame dies, your experience does not. These candles have long-lasting flames to fill your home with amazing scents. They use only the best environmentally friendly materials to provide you with candles that have a bold and distinctive fragrance that fits any mood and budget. 

The scent of Jackpot Candles is only the beginning of your experience. After enjoying your soft lite, long-burning flame and the aroma of your favorite scent, your candle will have a foil-wrapped jewelry item inside (which you chose). These jewelry items are valued between $15 and $5,000! The team at Jackpot Candles has carefully worked to ensure that each 100% handmade in the USA wax product they make contains a jewelry item based on your selection. 

Jackpot Candle Review/Reveal!
Do you think I scored BIG?! 

I chose the Banana Nut Bread for my review candle. The scent is definitely bold, I could already spell it while opening the candle packaging. I have to say though, the candle smells much better while it is burning then it does if you small the dried wax. I've always loved the smell of banana bread and I think I've had more banana bread scented candles then any other scent. However, this is my first Jackpot Candle and I'm beyond excited! Speaking of firsts... this will also include my first EVER video "reveal/review", however I am chicken to speak on video so only captions are available on the video for now. 

I lite the candle just before my boys were going to sleep. They seem to have fun messing with candles no matter where I put them. I kept a close eye on my candle and was so excited to see this small dot of darker wax... no, what?, really?, it's showing, but it's not quite time yet. After about 7 hours of burning I could see more of the foil and I just could not wait any longer!

Jackpot Candles are fun and smell great. Who doesn't love a fun surprise. When you order your Jackpot Candle you're able to choose from a candle or tarts as well as your jewelry. The rings they offer go up to a size 9, which only fits my pinkies, but you can also choose from a necklace or earrings. The surprise is placed close to the top of the candle, which is really nice because who would want to wait 80 to 100 hours if the jewelry were placed at the very bottom. I don't think I'd have enough patients for that. These candles are fully made in the USA and are infused with Essential Oils. 

Reveal Video! 

Once you've dug your jewelry out, or allowed your candle to burn down far enough to get it out even easier, you can head to the Jackpot Candles website to put your code in and find out the value of your piece.

Simply enter the code and hit enter! Oh, and cross your fingers! ;)

I didn't get a high priced piece of jewelry, but to me a $27 value is better then an $8 value. With the candle it's self being $24.95 and well worth the price, receiving a piece of jewelry over the original purchase price is a good piece. 

I could really get myself in trouble with these candles! If it were realistic, I'd probably buy one quite often! I love the suspense of the unknown! 

Connect with Jackpot Candles! 

What scent would you choose? Would you choose a ring, necklace or earrings? 


  1. I've never heard of this product...I love when candles sound good enough to eat, lol!

  2. i love lighting candles. It helps me relax when I paint and makes the house smell good too. win-win

  3. Omg these candles sound pretty fabulous!!! Nothing is better than a deliciously smelling candle and add a cool hidden prize to it?!? Eekkkk... I want one!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am an absolute candle addict! Like, so much so that I am on a monthly budget because I could literally spend hundreds at Bath & Body Works and Scentsy lol. The thought of not only getting a great scent, but also a little bling surprise is just too much to resist- heading over there now ;)

  5. I really want to try these! It sounds like so much fun. My problem is I never burn a candle enough, so I'd probably never get the loot!

  6. This is such fun! Even though it wasn't the high priced ring, it still covers the cost of the candle! That' s still a win!

  7. I love scented candles, they make the house smell so sweet! We always have back up candles incase of power outages as well :)

  8. I absolutely love candles! This sounds really fun, I have got to get me one of these.

  9. I love candles too.. especially to relax or just before expecting company! house smells so good and refreshing. I've never heard of this brand.. will look into it.

  10. I am a candle burner. Love the way they smell up the house. I burn them on a metal tray! I love all kind. Thanks for introducing to this brand!

  11. I love that you can find out how much the piece of jewelry is worth! I have not heard of Jackpot candles before they sound great!

  12. Never heard of these candles before but finding jewelry in them makes me wanna try and see what I get. Thanks for letting us know about them.

  13. This sounds like a really great gift to give someone. The jewelry makes them such a special thing to give a friend.

  14. Worth to give to someone - though I am a collector myself as I love candles.

  15. I had a bad experience with candles and rings. They promised to tell you how much it was worth and my paper was messed up & the company treated me like crap & so was there ring. Their candle didn't smell that great either. It wasn't this company though.