Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Janie and Jack's NEW Collection of Styles for Boys and Girls!

Have you shopped or browsed Janie and Jack before? They offer classic children's clothing that are absolutely adorable! I love everything Janie and Jack have to offer and their Spring line of girls dresses make the perfect dress for Easter or any other fun Spring event. 

While Jeidlynn is only 8 years old, she is very tall for her age and is now in a size 12! This means that I usually can not find such cute clothing for her in such adorable children's stores or boutiques. I was so excited when I seen that Janie and Jack off their children's clothing in sizes from birth to 12 years!$PRODLIST$

This Ruffle Plaid Dress would be perfect for Jedilynn this Easter! I love the colors and how it's a simple dress, yet not too plain with the added ruffles. She also loves hats so the Bow Straw Sunhat would be a perfect purchase for her as well! 

Chic Little Sailor

I also found this Chic Little Sailor outfit for Jedilynn, she really likes outfits that include a coordinating jacket, but she is also my sweat monster so being that the Bow Sailor Top that is part of this outfit is actually sleeveless makes it that much more great of an outfit for her.

Now onto shopping for outfits for the two boys. While they obviously wear two different pants sizes, Ezio wears a 2T and Cade wears a 5T, they can both fit nicely in a 4T/5T shirt Ezio's "normal" size shirt is a 2T. I often find myself putting Cade's shirts on Ezio as most of Ezio's stuff I'm sick of seeing because it was of course handed down from his big brother, so I've been looking at the same clothing for about 2-3 years now! Anyhow, it's nice that they can fit in the same size shirts because then I can buy two different shirts, but both in a size 5T and switch them up which boy I will put them on. Momma likes some change every now and then! So what I found at Janie and Jack for the boys is below. 

Rainy Day Flair

I love the Rainy Day Fair and this would be a great outfit for either of the boys for Easter or anytime during spring. We live in Wisconsin and literally just got snow again last, it's March 5th for crying out loud! We want sun and warmth! I remember last year the kids were running around on their Easter egg hunt, outside in shorts and short sleeves! If I also remember this correctly, Cade was even sweating! This year, looks like we will most likely be stuck inside or have to hide Easter eggs in the frozen hard and freezing cold snow. No bueno! 

I know this isn't an outfit, but the Canvas Boat Shoes are just the cutest little shoes and would make perfect Easter shoes!

Springtime Plaid

If we were to be so lucky as to have such nice weather like we did last year, this would definitely be the outfit I'd choose from Janie and Jack for both of the boys to wear. I also like to match their outfits, if not completely matching, at least the colors that they are wearing. 

So these are a few of my picks from Janie and Jack.

What would you choose from Janie and Jack? 

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  1. All of those outfits are sooooo cute! I especially like that little dress. I can't wait to have children someday so I can find adorable little outfits for them to wear and send tons of photos to their grandma :D

  2. I love Janie and Jack but it is toooo expensive. there are some ADORABLE green patent loafers that I wish I had for easter!

  3. I love the dress with the hat! My niece would look adorable in in!!

  4. An update from your weather report: S.E. Wisconsin received snow on Monday night/ Tuesday, March 25th. And yes, it's spring. Give us a break. Now onto the topic of the day. Janie and Jacks has adorable clothes and I can't wait to spoil my not yet born grandson with some cute outfits.