Saturday, August 18, 2012

TigTagz 4 Kidz ID Wristbands Review & Giveaway US 9/1

Tigtagz ID Bracelets for Kids 

TigTagz 4 kIDz offers Identification Bracelets, Safety Shirts and Iron on labels. The ID bracelets are tear proof, water and sweat resistant, smudge proof and can be worn anywhere there is a risk of your child becoming lost. Bracelets can be customized by TigTagz or ordered blank so you can write your own information in by the: "If lost, please call:". 


 We received 10 blank ID bracelets from TigTagz 4 kIDz to review. Two each of the different TigTagz below. I love that they are gender neutral so they work for both of our sons and also our daughter! We didn't need multiple different packs. I also love that they come in this ziploc type little baggie so you can throw them right in your diaper bag and have them handy at all time in case you go to a crowded public place or the park unexpectedly.
 Ours are blank, which means I have to write in our phone number... my hand writing is horrible so just in-vision your beautiful hand writing instead of mine. :) 
Our 6yr old daughter is going on her first Daisy Girl Scout Sleepover Camp tomorrow! I am quite the nervous wreck as this will be her first time anywhere for any amount of time with out myself, my fiancee or another close family member being there with her. We have to drop her off at school at 3 P.M. tomorrow and pick her back up sometime on Sunday. I will most definitely be putting the above beach themed bracelet on her before we take her to school. Knowing that the TigTagz are tear proof, sweat proof and water resistant all reassure me that this one TigTag will be enough to last her through her over night camping trip. She usually is not a wanderer and she is usually more of a leader then a follower, but with 20 other girls her age and a bit older (Brownies Troop is going as well, same leader) girls as well it makes me nervous that she may be peer pressured into walking off with a couple other girls. While the TigTag may not be a GPS tracking device, it is still better then hoping when afraid she will be able to dial home or remember our phone number, or hoping that the piece of paper put in her pocket with our phone number on it stays in her pocket, etc, the TigTagz is on her to stay! 

You can use TigTagz for a wide range of events, parties, gatherings, trips, etc. For example, to the zoo, park, beach, your local state fair, school field trips, etc. The ID bracelets fit MY wrists, along with of course all three of my children!

Check out TigTagz and place your order today! 
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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the above items in exchange for my original and honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

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  1. I learned that kids ID Bracelets are tear proof, sweat proof, water resistant

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  2. I have used Tig Tagz once before and I LOVE THEM.

  3. Would love to try these for my son, who has austism

  4. I actually like the safety shirts...what a great idea for vacations!!

  5. I like that the bracelets are tear proof

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  6. I like that they bracelts are water resistent