Friday, August 17, 2012

Butt Bench Review

Butt Bench | The All in One Bathtub Seat 

Butt Bench was first created in 2006. Butt Bench is a sturdy and high quality patent pending bath tub seat. All Butt Benches are made out of real, natural wood. You can use Butt Bench to make shaving easier, to sit down on, relax or even turn your shower into a sauna.

Butt Bench comes in Cedar, Pine, Pink Pine and White Pine. The Butt Bench also comes in 12 inch or 15 inch lengths. The Butt Bench fits on tubs that are 29 inches across. Butt Bench also offers some bath safety products as well.

I received the 15 inch, Cedar Butt Bench to review. 
Before using the Butt Bench, when you would reach for a soap or a shampoo almost every time another one would fall and often times it ended in a domino affect while trying to put one back. So I put half the soaps in our towel cabinet, well that didn't work so well as I'd forget that the face wash or a certain body wash was in the cabinet and not in the shower, but I'd want to use... of course.... the ones that were not in the shower. It was just always one thing after another. But you figure with five people living here and only one bathroom, all soaps and what not are all crammed into a fairly small bathroom.
Another nice thing is that the Butt Bench does not tilt to one side or another. It lays flat unlike those basket type things that hang from the shower head and as soon as you take out one bottle or even touch the thing it tips to one side, often times knocking bottles out. Those basket hanging things always made me so irritated. 
This is before we received our Butt Bench. 

The Butt Bench is awesome! Now I can fit even more body washes and shampoos in our shower/tub at once and not have to get out of the shower to get a specific body wash or shampoo I want to use. Even with so many body washes and shampoos there is still a TON of room to sit down on the Butt Bench. There are two suction cups on the back of the Butt Bench to suction to the wall for added security and safety. 

Even with the 15 inch Butt Bench, there is still plenty of room in our shower. So there is no need to remove the Butt Bench. Even while children are bathing in the bath tub, you still do not need to remove the tub. My children never even sit in the tub near the back wall where the Butt Bench is, so this definitely works out perfect for us.
 The Butt Bench would have been my best friend while I was pregnant with any of my three monkeys. I always ended up sitting on the cold side of the tub, which is way uncomfortable especially while very pregnant. 

 Even with the Butt Bench you can still close the curtain so no water from your shower is splashing out all over your bathroom. Whether or not the shower curtain would close or not was one of the first questions that popped into my mind. 

A great feature on the Butt Bench is that they left slits between each board for the water to drain through there and not pool on the boards. The Butt Bench is made of very thick and strong wood so I am pretty confident that the boards will not warp from being in the shower. Butt Bench is very well made.  

You can purchase your Butt Bench HERE or purchase one for an elderly loved one.
You can purchase the Bath Safety products HERE!

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Disclaimer: I was sent one of the above items in exchange for this review. I was not compensated in any other way and this review is 100% my own and honest opinion!  

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