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GoGo Natural, DinkleDooz #cloth diaper Review & #Giveaway! 9/13

Go Go Natural 

GoGO Natural is a company that was built by a new mom was hiking the mountains in Arizona one winter. She was recently introduced to cloth diapering and wondered how she could fulfil her dream of being a stay at home mom with her new baby and also do something "noble and pure for the betterment of future generations". She wanted to "go natural" with her new baby and she also wanted to help other new mothers go natural with their babies as well. She wanted to GoGo Natural!

She started with a purely diaper based business and now includes a number of product lines that focus on the newborn experience. GoGo Natural is a full service provider of almost all necessities a mother will need to jump start her natural baby lifestyle. 

GoGo Natural carries cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, products for breastfeeding mothers, baby gear: carriers, leg warmers, pacifiers, etc, along with some items for the home. So head on over and check GoGo Natural out!
We received a NEW Dinkledooz Color - Chocolate Dinkledooz one-size cloth diaper which included a small and a large insert to review. Both Cade and Ezio wore the Dinkledooz OS diaper with no leaks! Cade is two years old and 32lbs and Ezio is eight months old and 24lbs. I was only able to get a few pictures of Ezio wearing this diaper, but Cade loves his fluff so I knew he would love to try on a new diaper that we have not previously used. The inside of the Dinkledooz is super soft cotton micro-fleece, which is great for both of my boys as they both have eczema and sensitive skin along with being great for any newborns sensitive and delicate skin. 

Dinkledooz features:
Wide Pocket: Have you ever tried to stuff a diaper with a pocket opening that wasn't even as wide as your hand? I know I have! What is even worse with the narrow pockets for stuffing is when you have a soiled diaper and your trying to get the inserts out with out shaking feces all over the bathroom. Oh yuck! Well, Dinkledooz has a super wide pocket! No problem to stuff or unstuff! Even my fiancee (6'2" ... tall equals big hands) is able to stuff the Dinkledooz when with other diapers he hands them over to me. 
Snaps: Dinkledooz uses only the best resin snaps on their diapers! No more fear of snaps coming loose when the diaper is in use. Secure your diaper with the sound of each snap!
Flap-Back: Ever have an insert come flying out the back of your diaper? "Flap-Back" retention system is a tuck of fabric that keeps the inserts from rising out the back. I can't even count how many times Cade has come over to me and I have checked his diaper and there is an insert sticking up and out of the back of his diaper. Yikes! Don't sit on the couch or any other fabric surface! Dinkledooz puts that fear at ease with their Flap-Back!
Quantity: To be considered a "one Size" diaper the diaper has to literally be ONE SIZE. To me this means it has to fit from BIRTH/newborn to Toddler/ potty trained and out of diapers. This is why the Dinkledooz come with TWO inserts of different sizes, newborn- for newborn stage up to the large- for toddler stage. Newborn inserts are also great for doubling up the larger babies and toddlers.
Sizes: Dinkledooz fits from newborn, 8lbs all the way up to potty training, 35lbs. Dinkledooz specially designed their newborn insert to be narrower to limit the bulking for your precious little bundle of joy. You don't want your baby to look as thought they are "bow legged" as Dinkledooz puts it, you want them to be comfortable and to still be able to fit in those super cute little tiny clothes. The larger insert is then wider for the later age. 
Material: Dinkledooz inserts are made of the softest microfiber material making them easy to slide into the wide pocket and fully absorbent with the textured absorbancy of cotton. Wash after wash after wash, these inserts are still just as absorbent if not more absorbent (hence having to "prep" cloth diapers).


  Ezio loves his Dinkledooz diaper! The hip snaps are a plus for me, now that Ezio is crawling and Cade is a monkey (has been since he started walking at 9 months old) we really need the hip snaps to prevent the wing drooping, which can lead to huge messes. Yuck. 

The waist snaps are also great. There are cross over snaps for the smaller babies and expand out quite a bit for the larger toddlers.
 Funny as it may be, both Ezio and Cade wear the Dinkledooz on the same snap settings for the waist and rise. Ezio has a chubbier waist and thighs and Cade has more of a slimmer thigh and a pretty "skinny" waist. 

Cade is a pretty heavy wetter and the Dinkledooz have enough room on the inside for all four of the "necessary" inserts we use for him at night. The Dinkledooz held up amazingly well compared to some of our other diapers we have attempted to use at night with Cade. 

The Dinkledooz have a great fit around both Cade and Ezio's (Ezio pictured to the right) thighs/legs. Thus, preventing leaks and since Ezio is breastfed, also preventing those explosive breastfed baby poopy diapers. Two thumbs up in my book!

Another plus about the snap positioning on the Dinkledooz is that we can get a tight fit around both of our boys waists with out hurting their tummy or sides, but also with out the diaper pretty much falling off of their booties. Especially with Ezio I have a hard time getting other diapers to the correct and comfortable setting for his chubby waist, but Dinkledooz are great.

Not too tight in the waist, not too loose. We've had some diapers that his poor little butt crack would show or hang out of when he would lean forward to start crawling. A simple, but like of mine is the positioning of the tag, with most other diapers the tag is on the wing of the diaper which often rubs on Ezio's skin causing an irritated patch of skin. 

Dinkledooz wash up very good as well! I definitely recommend Dinkledooz. 

Purchase your little one some Dinkledooz for only $14.95 each or check out their Dinkledooz packages
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