Tuesday, February 3, 2015

intelliGLASS The Smart Screen Protector Review

Disclosure: I received the below product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

intelliGLASS Screen Protectors
intelliGLASS is the Smarter Screen Protector with an ultra high clarity outer shield that will protect your screen from scratches and drops. intelliGLASS will absorb just about any impact that could other wise cause damage to your phones screen. It has been crafted with an ultra heard (9H) glass inner layer and an "Oleophobic" outer layer to prevent scratches, absorb shocks and repeal oil and grease. This screen protector retains 99.99% of your touchscreens accuracy and clarity. With intelliGLASS you will maintain a higher resale value as well. Installation of this screen protector is bubble free, those bubbles are so frustrating. 

Each intelliGLASS kit includes:

*0.33 MM intelliGLASS screen protector 
*Touch screen cleaner 
*Dust removal tape 
*Microfiber Cloth 
*intelliARMOR home buttons (do not work with fingerprint scanners) 

I received an intelliGLASS ($12.95 - Sale, Regular $39.99ARV), The Smarter Screen Protector for review. intelliGLASS comes in various sizes for various smart phones and tablets. I could definitely tell right away that intelliGLASS is unlike any other screen protector I've ever used, it's thicker and and more durable. 

intelliGLASS - iPhone 5/5S/5C. The Smarter Real Glass Screen Protector.

The phones touch screen is still fully usable with the screen protector, I noticed no issues with the responsiveness of the phone. Also, unlike other screen protectors I have yet to notice a build up of dirt under the screen protector, which is great at least to me. You can also still hear when making a phone call and the person on the other line can hear you clearly as well. With a lot of other screen protectors and cases, they tend to muffle the speaker and microphone in the phone. 

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What devices would you like an intelliGLASS Smart Screen Protector for? I wish they made them for the KindleFire, with the kiddos using it, it is looking pretty rough.

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