Monday, January 12, 2015

Guest Post: 20 Genius Ways to Stay Warm This Winter!

20 Truly Genius Ways to Stay Warm This Winter
Author: Amber Brubaker
Disclosure: I am not the author of this post, this is a guest post in which I am sharing with my readers. The photos in this article are not mine. 

Staying warm in the winter is never easy, and there are only so many layers you can throw on. That’s why we've put together this list of truly genius, and sometimes fun, ways to stay warm.

1. Eat

When you eat, your metabolism begins working, which in turn warms up your body from the inside. Eat foods high in protein and carbs for best results. Now you have a good excuse to have a snack!

2. Sneaky Underlayer

Instead of throwing on layer after layer over your clothes, wear tight fitting clothing underneath them. You can get thermal underwear or spandex for a snug fit. No one will even know.

3. Insulate Your Boots

You can buy insulated boots, but they don’t always look very attractive. Instead, insulate your boots by wearing two pairs of fuzzy, high socks. That way your feet can stay warm and attractive.

4. Layer Up

If you don’t mind looking a little like a marshmallow, throw on the layers. Western style clothing is particularly warm, and this article points out some great western, winter must-haves that you can use for your layering.

5. Wear a Hat

The most common place for heat to escape from your body is through your head. Trap that heat where it belongs with a warm hat.

6. Unblock Air Vents

Sometimes warm air has a hard time permeating your home because you have furniture or other objects in front of your air vents. Move those things aside and let the warm air in!

7. Block Drafts with a Pool Noodle

The inside of your house shouldn’t be cold, but cold air often leaks through underneath the door. If this happens to you, slice open a pool noodle and use it to block the unwanted air.

8. Bake Away

If your oven is on, it will warm up your house. Also, if you’re baking, you’re moving around, which will also warm you up.

9. Put Hand Warmers in Your Pockets

Use some disposable hand warmers to your greatest advantage! Put some in your coat pockets and pants pockets (both front and back!) to keep you warm when you’re outside.

10. Drink Something Warm

There’s a reason hot chicken soup is the recommended remedy for a cold. It warms you to the core! Drink or eat something warm any time you need to raise your core temperature.

11. Monitor Doors

If you want your heating system to warm up your whole house, open all the interior doors so that the heat can flow freely. If you want the heat to accumulate in just one room, close all the other interior doors.

12. Make a Rice Warmer

Fill a sock with rice and tie off the top. You can use it for a heat pack to wrap around your feet, neck, stomach—any part of your body that you want to keep warm. On the flip side, it also makes a great ice pack if you sprain your ankle from slipping on ice.

13. Get Heavy Curtains

Your flimsy, sheer curtains aren’t doing anything to help keep your home warm. Get heavy curtains to prevent cold air leaking into your home. Open them on sunny days for some free warmth.

14. Throw Clothes in the Dryer

If you’re really freezing, throw your clothes in the dryer before putting them on. It’s the perfect way to warm up quickly!

15. Acclimate

The more time you spend in the cold, the more you’ll get used to it. Spend some time each day outdoors, where you can experience the cold and slowly get used to it.  

16. Skip the Alcohol

Alcohol is not only bad for your health, but it also makes you colder. It may make you feel warmer temporarily, but it actually decreases your body’s ability to fight the cold.  Skip it on the really cold days.

17. Use Rugs

You might be cold because your floors are cold. Use rugs to insulate your floors and protect your poor feet.

18. Wear Socks

Have you ever noticed that when your feet are cold, you’re cold? Fix it by putting on socks. The thicker and fuzzier the better. If you’re already wearing socks, but your feet are still cold, put on new socks. You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes.

19. Cuddle

Grab your significant other (or a close friend) and cuddle up!  Share your body heat as you watch your favorite movie.   

20. Snuggie

You might have seen Snuggies on infomercials and dismissed them, but they really work! They’re especially great if you need to use your hands for working or reading.

There you have it! 20 ways you may not have thought of to keep you warm.  


  1. Great tips! Bookmarking- thanks for sharing!

  2. We don't get too much cold weather here but when we do we try to keep warm. I don't like to be too cold! Great tips!

  3. This tips are necessities where I live :-). Especially the curtains and blocking drafts. Even though we live in a newer house, there wind still gets in around the windows and doors.

  4. These are some great tips. I will be using everyone of these haha

  5. I am always cold even with heat on so I am always layered

  6. I discovered fleece lined leggings this year! My legs are staying toasty!