Monday, August 18, 2014

FREE Sample - Wearever Hush Hush Panties. Cont. US Only. FIRST 2,000!

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If you are a mother of multiples, there is no doubt that you've probably sneezed and tinkled a little bit. While some of us can just laugh it off, it is still rather annoying, especially when you're out and about. No mom wants to have to pack an extra pair of undies for herself in the diaper bag along with her children's extra clothing, pull-ups, diapers, etc. 

Aside from sneezing, even laughter, running, etc can lead to a moment of urinary leakage. Wearever's Hush Hush panties keeps that extra moisture your little secret! No more walking past a reflective window to make sure that your pants aren't also visibly wet. Even runners, can wear these. Runner sweat from everywhere... heck us mom's of multiples sweat from places we never even knew sweat. 

Hush Hush are sleek and stylish leak-control-panties, something all women from puberty to menopause can take advantage of. These panties are washable and reusable, this makes them more economical and environmentally friendly - opposed to the alternative products like disposable pads and pantie liners. Hush Hush are available in a variety of styles, this line is perfect for women with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out, or even just intermittent concerns of urine or menstrual leak through. 

Hush Hush are made with an innovative absorbency system, the Unique-dri three-layer fabric system which is made up of a non-woven material of polyester, rayon and anti-microbial fibers. The outer most layer is a urethane that prevents leak through so that the moisture is contained w/in the undergarment. The middle layers move liquid to the outer edges of the fabric, wicking it away so it doesn't pool and therefore, resists bacteria growth and odor. And the inner most layer against your skin is the layer that allows liquid to get through, to give you a somewhat dry feeling. 

These panties can hold up to 3oz of liquid. Remember to wash your Hush Hush before trying them out, you need to wash them in order to "open" the rayon fibers and make them more absorbent. If you cloth diaper, this is just like prepping your cloth diapers, except you only need to do it once as these panties are not as absorbent as cloth diapers. 

What is so great about Hush Hush? 
- Keeping you dry 
-Making your incontinence your little secret
-Offers stylish and subtle leak-control panties, offering maximum comfort and confidence
-Washable and reusable, making them environmentally friendly

Visit Wearever and find out more information about Hush Hush Panties

I love Wearever products, we recently reviewed a Wearever Bed Pad for my potty learning 4 year old who has accidents at nap and bedtime. You can check out our review of the bed pad here

Wearever is offering a FREE Sample of Hush Hush Incontinence Panties to the first 2,000 women who sign-up by taking this quick survey! If you are not one of the first 2,000 women to take the survey you will receive a $5 coupon to purchase the panties with, that is 50% OFF AND you will get FREE SHIPPING!
 No worries, this is confidential. They will not even be sharing this information with me, only Wearever has access to the information obtained w/in the survey. Free sample is valid for women whom are at least 18 years old or older and reside within the Cont. US only. This sample is limited to one pair per entry, per household. Just like these panties help keep urinary leakage a secret, Hush Hush products are shipped in an unmarked box keeping the contents your little secret. 

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