Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stuck on You {Sponsor Spotlight}

Stuck on You

Stuck On You offers a great deal of adorable personalized children's items. Including tons of school supplies and accessories such as, backpacks and lunchoxes that can be personalized, clothing and shoes name labels also drinking bottles, sports bags and pencil cases! Definitely a great back to school shopping spot! They also have personalized wooden name puzzles and teddy bears as well as other stationary items and personalized children's clothing. 

Kids Backpack

This Kids Backpack ($49.95ARV) from Stuck on You is made of a durable poly canvas. Stuck on You walks your through 4 simple steps to design your child's backpack, in all honesty, it is easy enough your child could do it on their own if they are able to read. First you pick your backpack color, we chose pink. Then you choose your design, we chose the two owls on the branch. Jedilynn says the little larger owl on the left is me, the mommy owl and the smaller owl on the right is her. How sweet is she!? I thought for sure she would say the other owl was a friend or grandma as she is a huge grandma's girl and always talking about her friends. I felt rather loved and special, funny how the smallest things will just melt your heart! Anyhow, you then choose your font, be sure you have your child's name typed in the box. The name of each font is in that font making it easy to decide on which font you would like. Jedilynn has really been into wanting to write in cursive because myself, grandma and great grandma all write in cursive most often. She is just starting 2nd Grade this year and I have not met nor talked to her teacher for this year yet to see if they will be teaching cursive, but I did purchase a cursive workbook for her and she greatly enjoyed that.

The personalization of this backpack is huge in my book! The last three school years Jedilynn has had the same backpack as at least one other student, she also rides the bus to and/or from school and there were a few other girls on her bus as well that had the same backpacks as some of Jedilynn's. This just makes eliminating the confusion so much easier then having to search for a name or a marking on the backpack. 

Stuck on You Kids Backpack has two large pockets, the furthest back pocket has a smaller pocket inside of it, which will be great for folders or loose papers. I know this will definitely come in handy if Jedilynn actually uses it, last year any loose papers she would bring home through out the weeks would ends up at the bottom of her backpack all crumpled up within the 15 minute bus ride home... how? I have no clue and never really wanted to ask. The second large pocket is in the middle of the backpack and the handle at the top of the backpack is in between these two pockets. There is also a strap at the very back of the backpack for easy hanging on the coat hooks and such at school and also for hanging on the coat hook or door knob at home so the backpack does not become lost or misplaced at home between the few hours children are awake at home, after the school day. I don't know if it is just within my house, but things seem to disappear so quickly and easily as well! Why don't my bills do this magic trick for me? And then there is the smaller front pocket, which always ends up covered in pen, pencil, marker or crayon... or all of the above as this seems to be Jedilynn's storage area for those items as well as it was for me through out school... even if I had a supply box. There are also two side pockets on the back pack, one is a zippered pocket and the other is a mesh pocket. The mesh pocket is great for water bottles and such, the zippered pocket is good for the random smaller items children like to take to school. Ha! Kidding, I actually check Jedilynn's bag nearly every morning as she likes to try and sneak electronics, one I don't want her to get in trouble for having those in school, two I don't want them broken and three... kids steal.. unfortunate as it is. The past three years of her being school at least 3 things have been stolen from her each year. Thankfully small things without much value or sentimental value to them, but it's still wrong. Anyhow, Jedilynn is totally stocked about using her new backpack for school. She asked to use it for her clothes to great grandma's house as she has spent nearly every second of her summer with great grandma or her great aunt, but she's having fun. I did tell her no about using this for her clothes as we want to keep it nice and she has probably about 10, if not more, other backpacks that she can use as well as at least 10 purses... I only have... zero purses, I have a diaper bag. 

She's my model! The backpack is the perfect size for her, granted at 7.5 years old and about feet tall she is a little larger then most children her age.


The Kids Lunchbox ($29.95ARV) from Stuck on You can be designed the same way as the backpack! I would have done so, but the designs were not available for the lunchboxes when we designed Jedilynn's, but that's okay. I actually like her lunchbox more simple like in the above photo with just her first name. The embroidery is very nice, smooth and clean. This lunchbox is great for keeping food fresh as it is insulated and zips completely closed. At Jedilynn's school all lunchboxes are tossed into milk crates as the student come into the class room in the morning and then they have to dig out their lunch at lunch time. Kind of silly hey? This will make it so much easier for her to quickly find and grab her lunch, allowing her more time to eat so she doesn't have to rush. Plus, with being a girl... girls talk, I know when I was in school I did more talking then I did eating during lunch hour. She hasn't learned how to eat fast enough to do this yet though.

Classic Stick on Clothing Labels


  Stuck on You's Classic Stick on Clothing Labels ($19.95ARV) are exactly what we need for hoodies, jackets, hats, gloves and so on! These are very nice and versatile clothing labels, they can be applied in different ways. You can just peel them off the sheet and stick for a quick solution or you can even iron over them to make a more permanent name label and you can also sew them on, by sewing around the edges of the clothing label for a long lasting label. Jedilynn is in Girl Scouts and even though the girls' names were written in black on the back of their purple drawstring bags last year they still.. always... took the wrong bag home. It only had their binders, patches and anything else they did in their Daisy meeting for that night, but still it can be a little frustrating. I will definitely be putting one of the labels on her bag as well as her smock this year as they are brown... if the girls didn't look close enough to see the black sharpie on the purple bags last year, I doubt they will see their names on the brown bags and smocks. There will be a label on every hoodie and/or jacket she wears to school as well as anything else she wears to school. These would also probably work really well ironed onto the underside of headbands, which are another thing that often get lost at school.

I was very pleased that Jedilynn's first and last name were spelled correct on everything. Our own state miss typed her last name on her birth certificate and even though it is an obvious typing mistake on their part, they wont fix it. I would have to legally change her name to the correct spelling. Thankfully it's just two letters mixed up. We haven't had an issue yet, so we haven't paid the state to fix their own typing error. Anyhow, these products from Stuck on You have definitely made Jedilynn's quickly approaching first day of a grand adventure through 2nd Grade even more exciting! She was nervous, but it seems as though with an awesome personalized backpack, lunchbox and labels she has perked up about starting school. 

What do you like the most from Stuck on You? What personalization design(s) do you and/or your child(ren) like? 
Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication.


  1. These are the best I am always writing my daughters name on everything

  2. I like the party in a cup! Love all their products!

  3. I like the lunch bag because it is practical, easy to clean, but still attractive and durable. I hope you and your monkeys have a great school year!

  4. I like the kids personalized apron in red and the Spot Pencils.

  5. I love the stickers!! The frog icon is adorable!!

  6. I live the everywhere friends the best and would live to get one for each of my grandchildren with their names on them. The backpacks are sturdy and look like they would last for a long time and are reasonably priced. The labels would be great to have and I like the coloring set also.

  7. ilike the cases that go to together and then the label can be put were no one would think they ares

  8. I really like the backpack. I love the color and there's lots of space inside.

  9. I love the products but since we can never find our daughters name on preprinted personalized items this is a great option for us!

  10. I love the lunch bag! i have one for my toddler, but now i need one for her baby sister!

  11. I like the personalization of all of the things they have.

  12. I also like their navy long sleeve personalized tshirt. My grandson has a name that you can never find it personalized on so love this site!