Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Give Her a Stitch Fix Gift Card for Christmas!

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Stitch Fix Gift Cards Make Great Christmas Gifts! 

Stitch Fix is a wonderful way to try out new products, both clothing and accessories. Just sign up online and complete the Personal Style Quiz. Then you'll receive a box with five items that match your personal style responses which are delivered right to your door. You can keep the items that you like and pay for them and send back what you don't like. Your boxes will become better and better each time as your personal stylist will be able to better select items for you. 

If you love all five of your items you will receive 25% off your purchase of those five items. Save time and no more hassle of dragging the kids to the mall or store with you to shop, have items delivered right to your door. You can opt to receive your Stitch Fix box on a schedule or whenever you want. The styling fee is just $20, this can be used towards your final order. 

What if you don't like your items? Always, free shipping! For orders and returns.   

Stitch Fix carries women's sizes 0 through 14 as well as maternity and petite! They are sure to have something for almost everyone!  

 A Stitch Fix gift card will be the perfect give for your wife!

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