Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guest Post: 12 Proven Ways to Boost Your Energy

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Author: Alyssa Craig

Have you ever hit that afternoon wall or woken up feeling like you just barely went to bed? Perhaps you have been especially busy and you feel worn out. We all have times when we wish we could have a little extra energy! Luckily there are quite a few natural and healthy ways to increase your body’s energy and help you feel better than ever.

Here are just twelve ways you can contribute to your body’s ability to give you more energy:

  1. Catch Some Rays: Vitamin D helps maintain the proper balance of other energy increasing vitamins in the body. Spend some time outside, sit by the window, or eat some fish to improve your vitamin D intake and improve your energy.

  1. Increase Magnesium Intake: Did you know that magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions? This includes our cells converting glucose into energy. Be sure to consume 300 milligrams (women) or 350 milligrams (men). Almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, whole grains, and fish are all great natural sources of magnesium.

  1. Physical Activity: Make a point to get in some physical activity each day, ideally 150 minutes per week. However, even a short, brisk walk can do a lot for your energy level. Studies have shown a 10 minute walk can leave you feeling refreshed for up to two hours.

  1. Good Sleep: Life can get busy, but don’t let your sleep take a hit for it. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night will help you to have the energy you need throughout the day. Keep in mind, power naps are also great for energy boosts.

  1. Reduce Stress: Stress wears on our bodies and can make us feel tired. Practice breathing exercises, meditation, or other methods that help reduce stress for you. Look for other ways to reduce anxiety such as getting a massage or listening to music.

  1. Eat a Well Balanced Diet: High calorie diets require more energy for your body to process, taking that energy away from the cells. A healthy diet has many positive effects, increased energy being one of them, as explained here. Be sure to incorporate more fiber, lean protein, vegetables, and whole wheat, while avoiding foods high in sugar or fat.

  1. Drink More Water: Your body is largely made up of water and it contributes to many processes throughout your body from cleansing to cell function. Dehydration keeps your body from being able to work at its best. Drink plenty of water, especially during warmer months.

  1. Work on a Puzzle: If you enjoy any variety of puzzle, then take some time to work on one when you are feeling sluggish. This will help to stimulate the mind and lead to increased energy levels overall.

  1. Laugh More: Laughing raises your blood pressure and heart rate, giving you a burst of energy. It also pushes neuroendocrine to your brain, spiking energy levels. So go to the comedy club, rent a funny movie, or watch hilarious YouTube videos.

  1. Stretch: While this might mean yoga, it doesn’t have to! Simply doing stretches in a doorway or sitting in a chair can help give you energy. This is because stretching stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, energizing both the body and the mind.

  1. Don’t Skip Meals: While you might want to skip breakfast or your lunch break, this can be detrimental to your body. In fact, you should be incorporating healthy snacks into your day. This will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day and keep you from crashing. Healthy nuts, apples, berries, and greek yogurt are all great options.

  1. Spend Time with Friends: Whether you prefer one or two good friends or a whole party of people, spending time being social can boost your energy levels. Even just talking to a good friend can help with the stress relief mentioned above.

Any one of these options is a great way to increase your energy level, either for a short time or in your overall lifestyle. Pick one or two suggestions and slowly incorporate it into your life. You will find that over time your energy levels are high more consistently and you are able to get through your day with a little extra pep in your step.

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