Saturday, May 31, 2014

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MyHomeSchoolGrades Giveaway

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Founded in 2012, My Home School Grades was born out of the need to gather in one place all the information about your family’s home school experience and to help manage and then export that content in a relevant, user friendly way.

Behind the Scenes

My Home School Grades is the product of a home school dad (John Echols) and a home school graduate (Jordan Shute). Though separated in age by more than two decades, their combined passion for the home school community and what it represents for the future brought them together to form a partnership and create My Home School Grades.


John has been married for twenty-one years to Carrie, and together they have two children. Ryan is a sophomore and has been home schooled since the 3rd grade. Ashleigh is a sixth grader and has only known home schooling. John is blessed to be able to work out of his home, which allows him to teach and guide his family’s home school activities on a daily basis. He and Carrie are active in local home school co-op groups. John has a passion for technology and the useful application of information. He knows that the world is getting smaller because of the internet, yet he also realizes the larger impact each of us can have when we utilize the tools given to us.


Jordan has always been fascinated with computers, crashing his parent’s computer too many times to count! Jordan began programming computers in high school as a way, he states with a wry smile, "to avoid doing any real home school work." Jordan said he has never had any true formal computer programming training, he taught himself by, "figuring it out," as he went along. Jordan was home schooled from 2nd grade and graduated in 2010. He enjoys solving people’s problems by making their lives more efficient. A fan of science fiction and history, Jordan enjoys participating in Civil War re-enactments in his spare time.

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