Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Skeeter Snacks NUT FREE Cookies Review & Giveaway! US 3/27

Skeeter Snacks
 Skeeter is the only squirrel in the world with a nut allergy! All of his squirrel friends spend their entire day looking for nuts, hiding nuts and texting about nuts. Skeeter was feeling left out, so he decided to do something about it. He created a line of snacks that taste awesome and are safe for everyone who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts! All of his squirrel friends loved his nut free snacks and they all had a snack to share, with no one feeling left out. 
Anytime you come across Skeeter on the package you will know that the yummy snack inside is totally nut-free and made in a facility that is also totally nut-free! Snacks, safe for everyone to enjoy.

Why Does Mami's 3 Little Monkeys Need Skeeter Snacks?
Cade, my two year old son is allergic to cashews. He never had cashews, but when tasted he did pop for cashews, his pediatrician told us to avoid all tree-nuts, but peanuts are still okay for him to eat. We took Cade in for allergy testing because he was having issues with the formula he was on for a little while as we tried to figure out if he was lactose intolerant like his Daddy and Nana. Turns out he is not lactose intolerant, but was having issues with the sunflower seed oil (or we're assuming) in the formulas causing tummy issues similar to lactose intolerance. After we uncovered the cashew allergy, we did some research of our own and daddy found a connection between cashews and sunflower seed oil. Anyways! I never noticed how many food products contain tree-nuts, are processed in a facility with tree-nuts - leading to cross contamination and how much of a hassle it is to make sure your child isn't eating something with or cross contaminated with tree-nuts whether at home or especially while visiting family and friends. 
We have also discovered that Ezio, our 14 month old, has a Cocoa (Chocolate) allergy! 
Talk about having to be cautious!

  Skeeter Snacks come in four flavors:
  • SkeeterDoodle
  • Golden Oatmeal
  • Chocolate3
  • Chocolate Chunk
Skeeter Snacks come with two cookies per package. Our boys devoured the Skeeter Snacks! Cade ate the Chocolate3 and Chocolate Chunk Skeeter Snacks and Ezio ate the Golden Oatmeal and SkeeterDoodle Skeeter Snacks. I just noticed that apparently I didn't get a picture of the Golden Oatmeal Skeeter Snacks before Ezio devoured them!!! I was too busy reading the back of the packaging, out of habit that is, to make sure there were no nuts in the Golden Oatmeal. Of course there were not any as Skeeter Snacks are all NUT-FREE! Duh! But I have a hard time finding oatmeal cookies and other oatmeal products w/o nuts.

 When we received our package of Skeeter Snacks, I was so excited to try the SkeeterDoodle, but ended up giving it to Ezio and didn't even get ONE bite! :( SnickerDoodle or in this case, SkeeterDoodle Cookies are MY FAVORITE!! I was so sad. Look how yummy they looked! Ezio enjoyed them!

 Since Ezio is allergic to chocolate we gave Cade the Chocolate Chunk Cookies. He is not photogenic and refused to let me take his picture of him eating his cookies.

I believe Cade's favorite Skeeter Snack was the Chocolate3. And look below! I finally got a photo of the little stinker, of course he couldn't smile for me, but I caught him with a Chocolaty face! 
Our boys approved of the Skeeter Snacks! Cade is a super picky eater, so that should say quite a bit.

Safety & Guarantee!
Skeeter Snacks are made in a dedicated nut free facility, maintaining a strict allergen protocol and are made with ingredients that are carefully selected from suppliers meeting nut free standards.

While Skeeter Snacks are totally nut-free, they do contain Wheat, Soy, Milk and Eggs.

Find Skeeter Snacks in a Store Near YOU!
Visit Skeeter Snacks and type in your zip code at the top of the website where it says "Store Locator". Unfortunately it did not show results for my zip code nor our neighboring zip code. But you may be lucky and have a store near you that carries them. 

They are sold at:
WalMarts in TX, AR, OK, MS, MO, LA, TN. 
ShopRite in NY, NJ, CT & DE.
CostCo on the East Coast
Market Basket in New England

Don't worry! You can still purchase online at alice.com!

Skeeter Snacks are sold as six packs with two cookies per package at a retail value of $3.99/package on alice.com!
Connect with Skeeter Snacks!
Visit Skeeter Snacks website, Facebook, Twitter @SkeeterSnacks and Pinterest! 

One lucky reader will win a Sampler of Skeeter Snacks! One package of each flavor. 
 Simply enter to win through the Rafflecopter Form below! This giveaway is open to the US and will end on March 27th, 2013.
Disclaimer: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, I was not compensated in any other way.


  1. They all look so yummy it'd be hard to choose just one! I learned that i can get them at my local wally world though, which is awesome! I have a feeling these will be finding their way into the kids' Easter baskets this year now that i know about them!

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    1. Sorry, they are not gluten free, but check back on the blog as I have several more snack reviews to post, some of which ARE gluten free!! :)

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  10. I learned what Skeeter stands for:Nut-safe, Delicious and Affordable. And EASY: EASY to identify as safe. EASY to enjoy. EASY to share.

    :) Thank you!! Would love to try

  11. I would most like the Chocolate3. And I learned that in 1997, it was believed that 0.6% of children had a peanut or tree nut allergy. Today, it is believed that the rate of occurrence has grown to 3.1% and is expected to continue to increase going forward. Yikes! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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