Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making coloring time even more fun with the book of HOLES from LAZOO! Review & Giveaway US 4/12

Lazoo is a lifestyle children's brand and media property emphasizing award winning design, creativity and play. Lazoo was inspired by an internationally best-selling series of Japanese children's books in which Lazoo's products embody the same core mission, to foster a child's creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination. When entering the world of Lazoo, you are entering the realm of a child's imagination... a place of endless possibilities, where cars race across tree branches, mermaids teach dinosaurs to sing and ghost host fashion shows. In this world, kids are encouraged to think independently, such as "coloring outside the lines" being celebrated and all types of creative self-expressions are honored.

 HOLES! is a coloring book like one you have never seen! Instead of coloring in the lines, you color inside of the holes! When you turn the page it is like magic, the flowers have become butterflies, hats become cars, trees become tents, helicopters become balloons, and much more! 

We received LAZOO'S book of HOLES to review. 

 Jada and I colored the holes in the flowers, which were shaped like bows.

After we colored the bow shaped holes on the flowers we turned the page to see what we created. The bow shaped holes could have been butterflies or actual bows. We discovered that they were bows!

 Then Jada and Cade completed the book together very nicely. One set of holes they colored in together were baseball caps. Cade (2 years) loves hats, so he was quite fond of this page!

Then they turned the page to see what their now colored in baseball cap holes where and Cade was so excited because the one thing he loves more then hats is CARS!!! He thought it was so cool how the baseball caps turned into cars.

Jada also liked how the holes were one thing and after you colored them in and turned the page they were something completely different. However she did look ahead in the book and being that she can read, when they would change the page was no longer a surprise to her as to what the shape she just colored in was going to be. Even though she looked ahead she still really enjoyed the HOLES! book.

After Jada and I colored the flowers and turned them to hair bows and after her and Cade colored the baseball caps and turned them to cars, they ran off into their bedroom to color the rest of the book together. Once they finished they came running back out into the living super excited to show me all of the cool things they just colored and created. Yes, I believe this book helps children create and use their imagination as the page after the holes is semi blank and something could be totally different then what children may guess they will become. 
I really liked that this fun new coloring book brought her and her brother together and didn't create fighting... when you color in a regular coloring book with Cade, he likes to take a totally different color then what you have been using and color at least one scribble line over what you have just colored. He is only two and I still enjoy coloring with him, but Jada is seven and quite the perfectionist, especially when it comes to art- whether it be drawing, coloring, creating, etc so it is a bit stressful for her sometimes to color with her brother. 

We all really enjoyed the HOLES! coloring book from LAZOO! I personally just wish it were a bigger book and/or that they had more of this style coloring book. WE WANT MORE!! :) 

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