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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family
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Author: Victoria Candland

Halloween is almost here and you still don’t have your family’s Halloween costumes planned out. Your friends have been constructing their costumes for weeks now with coordinating outfits for the whole family.

How can you compete with that? You just feel like tossing in the rag this Halloween.
Don’t give up just yet! There are some clever, easy, and cheap costumes you can whip out in a day that will make anyone smile. 

Here are some great ideas for all family members by age:


Dress your baby as a bee by putting him in a black jumpsuit and then adding a black and yellow striped shirt with a cute antenna headband and he’s good to go. You could also dress your baby as an adorable pineapple with a yellow dress or shirt and pants and a green top made out of green cardstock glued to a green headband. Your baby could also be Harry Potter with a Gryffindor-colored scarf, fake glasses, and a scar drawn on his forehead.

Toddlers and Little Kids
Toddlers and little kids are so fun to dress up because they’re more excited about Halloween than infants and bigger kids. And they are more willing to dress as anything you want them to than your preteens or teenagers.

You could make your daughter a sheep costume by hot gluing cotton balls onto pillow cases with holes cut in the sides for arms. Then paint her face white with a black nose and lips. Buy some sheep ears from the dollar store or make a pair out of a white headband and fleece. Have your daughter wear white or black leggings underneath and she’ll look simply adorable. You could also dress your daughter in rain boots with a rain jacket and an umbrella with beanie babies glued on top and she’ll be “raining cats and dogs”—a clever and easy costume. Or you could make her into a flower pot using a large plastic tub with duct tape straps, dollar store flowers, and brightly colored leggings.

Big Kids

Big kids (preteens and teenagers) are starting to exert their independence, so they don’t want to hear much from Mom about what Halloween costume they should adorn. If your twelve-year-old boy isn’t that interested in dressing up, just cut two holes on the top of a white sheet and he’s a ghost. This could also work just as well for a girl. He could also be a cactus by using a dark green sweat suit pinned all over with cut plastic straws. For another low-maintenance costume, try writing lots of different names on name tags and putting them all over your son or daughter. He or she will be an “identity thief”.

Moms and Dads

To match the baby’s bee costume, mom could be a beekeeper. Simply wear a white outfit with a white hat, mesh, and fake bees.

As a mom, you don’t get much time to dress up and look nice. Hey, you’re even lucky to get a shower in during the day. You can still be a foxy lady this Halloween with a last minute costume. You could be a pretty Medusa by braiding your hair up and pinning small fake snakes into the braid. Then wear a sarong or other Greek-inspired dress. Put some interesting and nice makeup on with the costume. For a funnier costume, dress up like a cheerleader with the pom-poms and all, and put the words “Go Ceiling” on your shirt. Then you’ll be a ceiling fan!

The father of the family may have a great sense of humor but want a low-maintenance costume, so suggest he dresses in regular clothes with a picket sign that reads “Nudist on strike”. He could also wear a white shirt with the words “Error 404: Costume Not Found” written on it. He could make fun of himself by donning a cardboard box wrapped in Christmas paper with a bow and the sign “To: Women, From: God” on the front—so he is God’s gift to women.

Your husband might be thinking he wants something more masculine like a Batman costume or the James Bond get-up including the high-quality luxury car. For a cheaper and more last-minute look (you can’t really buy a car for Halloween), suggest that he wear his nicest suit with a bow tie, pack a fake gun, and maybe even hold a plastic martini glass as another accessory.

Halloween need not break the bank or stress you out! These budget-friendly, fast costumes will help your family stand out this Halloween.

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