Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bristol Renaissance Faire {Wisconsin/Illinois Border}

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is on the Wisconsin and Illinois border. I went the weekend before last (8/24) with my mom, Amy, my god mother and my sister. They had all been there before and this was my first trip! It was my birthday treat/present from my mom and child free! Jedilynn was at great grandma's, Ezio was at Great Auntie Missy's and Cade was home with daddy and they had four visitors through out the day! Daddy sure did make enough plans with enough of his friends that the two of them wouldn't be bored at home, quite awesome, I was impressed with his efforts to make it a fun day for him and Cade. While I was at the Ren. Faire I received a phone call from Dan saying that he got Cade to petal on his big boy bike.. the 2 wheeler with the training wheels, not the big wheel! Very exciting! Anyhow, back to the Ren. Faire! I forgot my camera at home, so I only have a few photos that my mom took with her phone. 

First we had a bit to eat as we all just woke up and headed down to the border with nothing in our bellies, I had a delicious Cheddar Broccoli Soup in a Bread Bowl! While enjoying my soup, all we could hear were the ladies selling Pizza and the soup I had going back and forth as visitors walked by... "Pizza on a plate!"... "Soup in a bread bowl!"... "You know you want your soup in my nice warm buns!" and so on! I can't believe I didn't choke on my soup, it was quite hilarious and the soup lady was definitely louder then the pizza lady!


 Okay, I have to start with MooNiE! His show was the second thing we did after walking into the Ren. Faire gates. We sat down a little before he began his show and he was looking around the crowd cracking jokes about those sitting down to watch and even picking on some who were just passing by. Not many people laughed super hard at his jokes, which I thought were pretty darn funny... until he began his show and then I knew why those who had seen his performance before were not so enthused with his jokes. MooNiE performs silently attempts to perform silently aside from making noises (whistling and such), but every now and then he lets a word or sentence slip, which makes his performance even funnier. I have a video from YouTube posted below, definitely check it out. It appears a little blurred, but you should be able to get the general gist of his performance!

This video I found on YouTube from the Bristol Ren. Faire in 2010, I do not own this video.
I just wanted to give you all a little taste of MooNiE! (If you don't see the video above right away, please just allow it a little time to load).

After watching MooNiE we walked around the grounds, went into shops, had some beverages (I just had soda) and such while waiting for the Fire Whip Show to start! Here are some of our entertaining and some even boring photos.


I LOVE the fairies! No clue how they can play the part so well and all day long. I was quite thrown off when I seen one pick flower petals and feed them to another fairy, she actually ate them! They don't speak, they don't laugh and so no emotion other then being in their own little world and what I love most is they will creep up behind people. One fairy tried pulling something out of a ladies bag and another ran off with another staff member's flag. It was quite funny watching him chase after her and his flag. 

Some Amazing Costumes!

Yes, my mom (on the left) is wearing the Sorting Hat from Harry Potty! She scored it here at the Ren. Faire, he can stand up more then in the photo, she had to push him down a bit as she was getting caught on low hanging things. He is a puppet and has a secret pocket inside of him! Pretty awesome hat! 

There were two guys who went completely all out on their costumes and were just amazing! My mom (left) and I (right) had to take a picture w/them. This guy in the second photo above was on stilts and actually RAN in grass and gravel and uphill on the stilts! I was quite impressed! My mom is 5'11", this guy was huge as he is leaning over a bit in the picture!

This picture is of a person! I thought for about half the day as we walked past her and she stood perfectly still that she was not alive and just a neat statue. It's pretty obvious in this photo if you look at her hands you can see that she is wearing gloves and such, but just in passing and with a short glimpse she total looked like a stone statue! 

My mom sitting with her new Pirate Wench girlfriend!

Apparently this is what happens when you've had Long Island Ice Teas before 11 AM! Or at least that is my sister's excuse.

I am not at all a fan of Turkey, but they had HUGE Turkey legs there, my mom had one as well as a slew of others at the Faire! 


HOW AWESOME!? Adam Winrich Fire Whip Guy holds 9 (NINE) Guinness World Records! Check it out here. Adam was also funny, he has a dry sense of humor which I love, Dan also has a dry sense of humor. His performances are sophisticated and educational as well as being funny.  I will have to update this post with some more information about Adam and hopefully even a video of him performing as nothing is wanting to load at the moment.   

Back Home!

My godmother, my mom and I when we arrived back home. We walked for about 8 hours, up and down grassy and gravel hills. I was stung by a bee in the neck, just below my jaw. I've only been stung once before Ren. Faire. It was quite scary not knowing if I was allergic, not knowing where the nearest hospital was and all of the people around us just way over stimulated me at that moment... I felt trapped even though we were outside and I had more then 3 feet of open space all the way around me. The word got around the staff pretty quick and they all started asking if we knew if I was allergic or not, if we needed security/first aid, etc. I sat for about 20 minutes with some ice on it to help avoid my face and neck blowing up (although my godmother thought that would be pretty funny), after sitting with the ice on the psuedopod (I believe that is the correct spelling) for about 20 minutes it was gone! However during those 20 minutes my mom stayed calm even though the roof of my mouth was itching and then I became light headed for a short period of time. A little while after all was said and done, probably about 2 hours or so... I started sneezing like crazy and the roof of my mouth itched like crazy, of course sneezing made me become all congested and sort of put a damper in to the fun we were having and the bee sting happened pretty early in the day. However, I pushed on and just tried to enjoy the fun filled day!

This was a GREAT 24th Birthday! 

Have you ever attended a Renaissance Faire? 
Did you or would you go in costume? 
If so, what would you like to dress up as the most? 

My mom is going as something steampunkish next year and I'm thinking of going as a Wench!

Disclosure: This post in not sponsored, meaning I received NO form of compensation for this nor does this post contain ANY affiliate links. All photos, opinions and experiences are my own and I was not influenced in any way for things stated above.


  1. I live in Milwaukee and we LOVE the Bristol Renaissance Faire! So fun!

    1. Oh awesome, that's where I'm at as well! I'm right by the lake. Definitely is fun, so glad I was able to go this year FINALLY!

  2. I've visited a Renaissance Fair once when I was a teen and LOVED it! Your photo's are amazing, the Faeries are my favorite! I have a HUGE obsession for everything faerie related! Looks like you had a wonderful time :) I can't wait until we have another Renaissance Fair in Asheville, NC!

  3. I love Ren Faires but haven't been to one in SO long! It looks like Bristol Renaissance Fair has a little bit of everything! I love living statues!

  4. I have never been to a Renaissance Fair but tons of my friends tell me how awesome they are. I would really like to go one. I think I would totally dress up. =)

  5. Never been but I too have friends who go every year guess I'll have to put that on my bucket list. Thanks for the info.

  6. I have never been, but as fun as it looks, the weirdos come out! :-) I actually hear the decor and booths have fun items http://www.3sonshavei.com/