Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kleen Slate Concepts Review & #Giveaway US 06/22


KleenSlate All-in-One Hand-Held Dry Erase Response Paddles are award winning communication tools, invented by a teacher, Julia Rhodes. The KleenSlate dry erase paddles are double sided with a low-odor dry erase marker attached in the handle and a microfiber towel attached to the bottom of the handle. Let me tell you, I sure am pleased these items can be attached to the paddle it's self, if not I know at least one marker would be missing already. Below is a photo of the green and blue paddles we received, with a green and a yellow microfiber towels for each. Also, there are four markers which also have small erasers on the caps. Pictured is also each side of the two boards we received, one is lined and the other is blank. These two options are great for us as I have a six year old who loves to write and the line are the same as on the wide lined paper we use for writing. And the blank side is great for my two year old to draw on and just go to town. 
JJ, my six year old daughter absolutely LOVES the KleenSlate dry erase paddles! She asks to use the KleenSlate paddles at least once a day, at least 4 days a week! CJ, my two year old son also loves to "color" and "write" on the paddles. 
 The KleenSlate dry erase paddles are soooo easy to write on! I LOVE that the markers are low-odor, but still very good quality. The markers do not erase any markers that it has gone over, for example in above photo, I was able to my "t" with out there being a white spot where the "t" is crossed.
Here I was able to draw and go over something I already drew with out it erasing that. The KleenSlate dry erase markers are said to be "low-odor", however I do not smell an odor at all. I was very pleased with the KleenSlate Dry Erase markers.

If teachers were to use KleenSlate in the classroom I am positive more and more students would become involved, learn better and they would have fun! I remember when I was in middle school, which was only 8 years ago that I graduated 8th grade, I know for a fact I sure would have participated in class more often if we had KleenSlate! KleenSlate will help engage students, it is something different and fun. What all students wish they had in school. 

KleenSlate paddles come in a variety of colors and so do the markers. There are Replacement Sheets! How awesome! No need to replace the entire paddle, just peel and stick over the old surface and TA-DA, you have a brand new writing surface! There are circular and square paddles. The tips of the markers do not push in, CJ was drawing with them and there was little to no damage done to the markers. 

KleenSlate All-in-One Hand-Held Dry Erase Response Paddles along with the rest of the products KleenSlate offers are all super affordable! I could see these in all schools, even in my local school district, which is really struggling with financials. 

The KleenSlate dry erase paddles can be used for a wide range of things, in the classroom for fun, to help a shy student respond, homeschooling, classroom Jeopardy, practicing letter, number or sentence writing, travel games, etc! I know for sure we will be bringing our KleenSlate paddles along on our upcoming drive to MN from WI (where we live), only a week and a half away!

What do I like about the KleenSlate dry erase paddles?
I like that the paddles wipe clean very easy with the microfiber cloth. The paddles are easy to write on and they are light weight. I like that with a little soapy water you can wipe away any marker on the paddles that has been sitting there for several days. The paddles are very sturdy and strong. 

What would I change about KleenSlate dry erase paddles? 
If there were to be used in a classroom, they would not stack nicely at all due to the handles. Other then this I don't think there is anything I would change or that I do not like. 

You may purchase your KleenSlate products HERE.
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  • 2 microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 2 extra markers 

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  1. Rectangle paddle with marker/eraser

    Ann Fudge Cluck

  2. I like the Class set of 12 round paddles.

  3. I like the rectangular paddle the best. So cool that you can refurbish writing surface and even have choice of templates!!

  4. I researched this and I could not find the answer. I know it has to do with women inventors.

    Ann Fudge Cluk

  5. 2007 Business Star Award @the WBENC sward

  6. I would love the 24 pk black markers whose points don't push in...those would be so awesome to use on the paddles. :)

  7. 32-pack small black markers/erasers
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  8. I like the microfiber cleaning cloth!

  9. I did see info about the 2007 Business Star Award, but Kleenslate Concepts was also selected as the Central California 2010 Small Business Person of the Year.