Friday, June 22, 2012

Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle Review & Giveaway US 7/6

Carseat Canopy
Are you an expectant mother or a mother of an infant, who is stuck using a used car seat that is not exactly pretty? Does the car seat have some staining? Did you received a car seat for a shower gift, but you don't like the pattern on the car seat cover?
Carseat Canopy's Whole Caboodle would be perfect for you then! I myself am using CJ's old car seat for EJ. CJ was in his infant seat for about six months, however we used the seat up until he was about ten months old, for instance if my fiancee had our convertible car seat in our vehicle and was at work. I also used our infant carrier to feed CJ for about the same amount of time. So our car seat has way seen it's days as far as staying clean, however it is still in good condition safety wise and has not expired! I really disliked putting our newborn baby boy, EJ, into this filthy looking car seat. I did wash the car seat cover numerous times with no luck of it becoming clean.
This is the old car seat!

Carseat Canopy's Whole Caboodle transforms those old, dirty, ugly infant carriers into a beautiful, brand new looking carrier!!

What is included?
I chose the Knott Whole Caboodle.
  • Minky slip cover. - An oh, so soft minky slip cover, which goes right on top of the old one! I do wish this would come with padding so I could have completely replaced the old liner, but this works just fine. I also wish it came with some elastic teathers to hold it on better or maybe a clip or two. However, it is a slip cover, not a replacement cover. When I pull EJ out of the carrier the cover slides off. Also, EJ is now 6 months old and if we are sitting outside we usually place him in his car seat, he arches his back, turns himself around and tries to slide down and out of the carrier, which all cause the slip cover to slide down. Even though the slip cover is made out of minky fabric I do not feel it makes him any warmer while in the carrier then if the slip cover were to be cotton or not on at all. I still love it though and just keep putting it back. 
  • Minky Head Support - which unfortunately EJ is too big for us to use. It is so soft and I can only imagine it would be like a super soft, squishy pillow for the little babies. 
  • Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining - A super cute sun shade to replace the old one! While the pieces for The  Whole Caboodle do come with individual instructions... the old umbrella was hard to unhook to place the new one on. In the instructions it says that normally on the plastic piece that keeps the umbrella up snaps apart in the middle. Well, mine did not and it was quite tricky getting the white plastic piece out of the side black piece! So, maybe check yours out ahead of time just so you are prepared.
Here is the front view with the new umbrella.
  •  Baby Lap Blanket with Minky Underside - Super cute and so soft minky matching lap blanket! I LOVE the lap blanket!!! No more over sized blanket dragging on the dirty ground getting filthy! The lap blanket is the perfect size! 
Lap Blanket
  •  Carseat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton Outer - A matching canopy to lay over the entire car seat! This canopy not only covers the entire car seat while NOT dragging on the dirty ground, but it also has two tabs that velcro onto the carry handle of the infant carrier so it STAYS ON THE CAR SEAT!!!! The canopy works on different style carry handles as well. I was slightly worried it would not sit correctly on my "Z" shaped carry handle.
Canopy closed
Canopy Opened
I don't know about your baby, but EJ LOVES blankets, but for whatever reason he is always kicking them off. I know for us, finding the perfect size blanket to cover the entire car seat with out dragging on the ground is almost impossible, almost always either some part of baby is exposed or the blanket is dragging or falling off of the car seat, but not anymore!!

Since receiving the Knott Whole Caboodle, I have received so many comments on the infant carrier and lots of moms and grandmas ask where I was able to find such a beautiful car seat that comes with the matching blankets, so I let them in on it!

Buy a Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle set for yourself or a friend who is expecting HERE! For only $79.95 (was $135.00)! Or buy a Carseat Canopy HERE for $49.95. Who knew you could buy a “new infant carrier” that was so cute and soft?

Enter to win YOUR Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle in the raffelcopter form below! U.S. Residents only, giveaway ends 7/6. Winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to claim their Whole Caboodle.

Disclosure: I received the above item(s) to review, the review is based on my personal experiences, opinions and thoughts. I was not compensated in anyway for this review.

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  1. Rebecca Xavier: I have my daughter's old car seat with a new baby on the way. It would be nice to make the car seat look like new.

  2. Rebecca Xavier: I would love the set in the Hawkslee print.

  3. I'd like to give it to a friend to cover her baby's car seat (it's been through two kids so it needs it!)

  4. Its cute and it looks comforting to the baby.

  5. I have a granddaughter who could really use this and her mommy would definitely be appreciative. Right now, many moms cannot afford this beautiful set so I thank you for this will make some mommy very happy :-)

  6. I would love this set because it is so cute and practical

  7. I would choose the Lovely Whole Cabodle

  8. yes for my niece who is due in sept.

  9. I don't have any babies anymore, but I'd like to have the set for the next baby we have. OR to give away if someone I know has a baby soon.

  10. I would like one because they are so cute!

  11. I am pregnant and it has been 3 years since my last, so I'm lacking on some baby supplies! The baby is due in winter so it would be great to have a cover to help keep the cold out!

  12. I would like to have this because I'm expecting in September. It is my first, so we are having to buy everything and the costs are really adding up. I've been wanting a privacy shield for my little one, so people don't try to pass her germs in public. :)

  13. I love the minky lining! It is the softest material!