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Lakeshore Learning - Are You Ready For 3rd Grade Game Show Review

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Are You Ready For 3rd Grade? Game Show!

Are You Ready for 3rd Grade? Game Show ($29.99ARV) from Lakeshore Learning, is a great way for you to know if your child is ready for 3rd grade and also a fun way for your child to brush up on some old skills. This game show is packed with 6 fun games that let kids become game-show contestants. They win pretend cash for each math or language questions that they answer correctly. After they complete each game they also win rewards coupons and are treated to the prize of your choice. The 6 game sets include 240 playing cards, this game show also comes with the game stand, discard tray, play money, reward coupons and a score tracker to keep record of the game results. 

Jedilynn is 8 years old and began 3rd Grade this month. She was very excited to play the game show and win prizes. When we played, I encouraged her to read as much of the cards as she could and would help her if she struggled for more then a couple of minutes on a single word. She is very good at reading, but we do suffer from a bit of dyslexia so there are some words that she does get twisted around or sometimes she reads without actually paying attention to and actually reading the full word. Anyhow, she did great at reading the cards on her own. 

Cade, my 4 year old who just started his first year of Kindergarten absolutely loves his big sissy and always wants to play games with us. She is an amazing big sissy on a daily basis and she did not disappoint when he wanted to play the game show with her. She would read her card and then while she was working out the answer I'd show Cade the card and have him do various tasks like counting the objects on the card, counting a certain letter to see how many times it appeared, etc. I love when I can include at least two of my three children in a game or activity, even it means a bit more extra work for myself. Cade thought the game was great fun as well. He loved handing his sissy the pretend money for each question she answered correctly. She even allowed him to pick cards for her to answer and sometimes he even held the card while she read it off. They are an amazing team!  

Of course since Cade is only 4 years old and didn't quite understand the difference in the difficulty of the various cards and categories. He did pick all three challenge cards for Jedilynn within I'd say the first 6 "turns" or question cards that were drawn. However, she did great and answered them all correct! Out of the 26 questions she only missed 3 answers and she wasn't far off on her answers. Once she completed all of the questions we went back over the ones she missed and they are were subtraction questions which we knew she was slightly struggling with in 2nd grade and have been working on them. Now that she is into her third week of school and doing more subtraction she is doing much better! 

For Jedilynn's great completion of the game and proving to both herself and I that she was in fact ready for 3rd grade I gave her a "Certificate" for an ice cream. She of course chose a delicious ice cream sandwich and was proud to tell the cashier why she was able to get an ice cream.

Prior to playing the game show Jedilynn was quite nervous about 3rd grade. Dispite doing various educational activities and some online programs she was still nervous that she had lost too much knowledge from the prior year. I reassured her many times that she is and always has been a very smart girl, but that alone was not enough reassurance for her. Playing this game show definitely helped boost her confidence and she was ready to head off to her first day as a 3rd grade! Oh and her school is a K-8 school, she is now with the "bigger kids" on the 2nd floor of the 3 story school building. 

Once your child has completed their game show you can take the game results and enter them online which will instantly assess the correct and incorrect answers your child gave and pinpoint any areas in which your child may need additional help. Thus helping to ready them for the grade they are entering. Also available online are FREE printable activities that focus on the exact skills that your child needs to practice as well as product recommendations to help further build these skills and ensure your child's success in the coming school year. 

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What do you like about Are You Ready? Game Show? Is there another product from Lakeshore Learning that you and/or your child would like? 


  1. looked like fun! will have to look into the other games they offer.

  2. What a great concept! I would use it to brush up on my 10 year olds skills!

  3. This would be fun to play with our grandkids.We at times babysit them and play games with them