Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tego Power Grid Review & Exclsuive Discount Code

Tego Power creates innovative and unique products which are designed to provide power for your every day devices as well as longevity. They understand the world is always on the go so the devices they create have to be as well. Tego Power wants to help assure you that your devices will make it through the day. Tego Power was created when they were in a sticky situation where just a little more battery life would have gone a long way.

Tego Powder guarantees full satisfaction and enjoyment in every product that you purchase. 


Tego Power Grid ($59ARV) is a lightweight and incredibly durable on-the-go charger for all of your mobile devices so you can charge them anywhere and at anytime! It can charge an iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, KindleFire and so much more! You just simply connect the device to the Power Grid and it automatically begins to charge. The Power Grid's battery holds enough power to charge most phones twice or fully charge two phones at once.

 It can even charge my Kindle Fire on one full charge of the Power Grid. If I were to use a wall charger to charge my KindleFire, I would have to wait about 15 hours for a full charge and when it is plugged into the wall or outlet I have to wait about 15-20 minutes before I can even turn it on. However, with the Power Grid I can turn the KindleFire on within about 2 minutes and it only takes a few hours to charge versus nearly an entire day... or night. It is amazing and in my mind, charging the KindleFire with this device was the ultimate test and it definitely PASSED!

I have attempted to charge mine and Dan's older flip phones with the Power Grid, however they are too old and do not recognize the device. Dan's phone is about 4 years old and mine is probably older then that, we both have Motorola Razr's however his is a "newer" silver one, while I have the really old RED Razr. Funny thing is that my Razr will charge via a USB cable to my laptop, but his will not. He can charge his via a USB cable to his computer though. It's really weird and it was quite the hassle even finding a wall charger that his phone would "recognize". Anyhow, I was able to successfully charge my mom's smart phone with the Power Grid. When she seen it was a success and ACTUALLY charged the battery, unlike other devices she has tried to use on-the-go to charge her phone battery she definitely tried to finagle the Power Grid out of me!

One of my favorite features of this device... besides it looking like a LEGO block, is the set of 5 lights and easily accessible power button along the bottom of the Power Grid. These 5 lights are basically the cells of the Power Grid's internal battery or in other words, helps to show how much juice it has left for charging your devices. When you charge the Power Grid, which I do with it hooked up to my laptop, the row of lights, light up kind of like a little light show. This shows you that it is successfully charging. When you are charging one or two of your devices with the Power Grid, one light will go out at a time (slowly!) to indicate that you've used that "cell" of the internal batteries life. Once all of your lights have gone off it is time to charge the Power Grid again.

I can definitely vouch for the incredibly durability of this product! Ezio, my destructive, nearly 2 year old has gotten a hold of it many times... poor poor Power Grid!! However, it has definitely survived every drop, bang and throw that it has endured!!

  • 4,200 mAh dual output power bank
  • Highest quality Grade A Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Equipped with a micro USB cable to charge your Power Grid and any micro USB device
  • Five LED lights indicate Power Grid’s charge level
  • PowerGrid automatically powers off when not in use for seven seconds
This Power Grid has won my approval! Which is great as I'm a busy mom of 3 and I do not have time to puts around with different devices trying to find one that actually does as it claims to do. It has also passed the toddler test! It didn't break or defect and honestly there is not a single scratch, nick or dent to the device! 

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Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may differ from those of your own. 


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