Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seven Everyday Slings Review & Giveaway! US 10/23

Seven Everyday Slings are baby carrier slings, designed for full term babies, over 37 weeks gestation. The slings are designed to hold babies from 8lbs up to 35lbs. 

Seven Slings has three different carry positions for different aged babies.
Cradle Carry is for birth to four months of age.
Front Carry is for two to eight months of age.
Hip Carry is for six months and up.

I received a Seven Sling 3 piece gift set and I chose the Green Vibe print. The gift set comes with the sling, matching bracelet for mom and matching leg warmers for baby (sorry, our leg warmers are in the wash). 

 This is the first time I have worn my son. I tried out the structured carriers about 6yrs ago when Jedilynn was a baby and I didn't like them. They hurt my back like crazy. I was so excited to finally be trying out a sling! 

Seven Slings are super easy to use! I was quite nervous I wouldn't be able to figure out how to use a sling or other soft structure carriers/wraps. I would have never guessed it were so simple. They have step by step instructions included with your sling and you can also find them online. Check out these SIX easy steps! Pretty easy right? 

Sizing is very easy as well. Measure from the outer edge of your shoulder down and across to your side seam on your pants. This measuring was definitely more "accurate" for me then the height/weight/bust chart.

Going up one size bigger (adding an inch to your measurments or going up to the next full number) wont hurt at all, if your sling is too big or loose just fold over the sling on your shoulder, this will bring baby closer to your body and give a more snug fit.

He likes our sling!

Ezio is nine months old and about 24 pounds. He fit in the sling pretty good. Now I know the way I am carrying him in the sling is not one of the three carrying positions per Seven Sling, but that is how he likes to be carried in the sling. He is too chubby to have his entire body in the sling as you would do with the first two carries and he would prefer to be chest to chest then on my hip. Ezio was teething when we received the sling so I thought maybe if I wear him he will be a bit happier because then I can be "holding" him more often then if I were just holding him in my arm. Sure enough, he loved it! This is the only way I could get him to fall asleep at night for about a week! The sling helped hold him super close, I was able to do other things and he was able to cuddle with me. You may be wondering, but if he fell asleep in the sling, did you have to wear him the whole time he slept? NOPE! With this sling it was super easy to just pull him right UP and OUT! Then I laid him down and he never once woke! That is probably my favorite thing about the sling. 

A down fall for me, even though it never bothered baby is that the sling would leave red marks on his legs where the sling would sit. 

Like I mentioned above, it didn't bother him, he didn't crab while in the sling or anything. It just bothered me a bit. The redness and any possible discomfort could probably be limited if not prevented entirely if you make sure your baby has pants on while in the sling or even the leg warmers if you buy the gift set. My boys are always in just a diaper, but why not when you have such adorable fluffy bottoms to show off. ;)

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the above products to try and write an honest review of my personal experience with the products. I was not compensated in any other way.
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