Sunday, April 29, 2012

Silent toddler means what in your house....??

I'm curious to see what you fear when your toddler is quiet. What do you think he or she is doing? What is the biggest mess you have found? If you would like Email me a photo(s) of your toddler and their largest mess OR Leave a comment and share with us what your toddler was doing. 
Here is what CJ (will be two years old in June) did yesterday.

Cinnamon Toasters all over the kitchen floor. Have I mentioned how much crumbs, let alone cinnamon all of the place bothers me?! I am still stepping in cinnamon on my kitchen floor and I have no clue where it is coming from, I swept and mopped! I do not like crumbs one bit and especially don't like walking in them or stepping in them while trying to cook... this is right in front of my stove also between the stove and sink.

Would love to hear what you have found your toddler doing!

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