Monday, September 2, 2013

Project Pomona {Sponsor Spotlight}

Project Pomona creates absolutely adorable and most importantly functional pants, shorts and shirts for your little one. What do I mean by functional? They fit great over both disposable and the adorable, but often bulky fluffy bums (cloth diapers). Lets keep this simple... Awesomeness! is a single truthful word to help describe Project Pomona!

Meghan is the talented mother, owner and desinger behind Project Pomona, she hand makes all of the Project Pomona products. She graduated from Savannag College of Art and Desing with a BFA. She decided to begin designing a functional pair of pants made from denim, corduroy or any other non-knit material, you know the materials us cloth diapering mom's long for our little ones to be able to wear so it doesn't look like they are in sweat pants all the time? Meghan had the same experience as she also cloth diapered and there were four little ones in her immediate family using cloth diapers. She also noticed that her daughter, born in 2008, could not crawl or sit comfortably with a pair of non-knit pants on and a cloth diaper, even when buying the next size up. You can read more here, I will also touch base on some more of the information you will find there further down through out my review.

Little Animals Jeans

I can't contain myself to start my review as I usually do because I'm honestly 100% in love! I was quite excited to be receiving a pair of Project Pomona Jeans for Ezio, however, I didn't quite expect such a cute print for the cuff and the little Roar Dino on the t-shirt made me giggle! I absolutely love this outfit and it will never be at the bottom of my laundry basket... it must always be at the top so it is definitely washed first! Yes, I love it that much, curious as to why? Then keep on reading.

 Project Pomona Little Animal Accent Print Jeans ($29.95ARV) are made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton for the Animal Accent cuffs and Preium Slub Denim that is 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex. Project Pomona jeans are available in Regular Fit, Trim Fit, Slim Fit and Little Bum as well as sizes One, Two, Three and 2T-3T in different variations. You can view Project Pomona's in dept sizing here. All Project Pomona clothing is made in the USA, by hand by Meghan and is Patent-Pending. Washing is very simple, you can machine wash on cold with like colors and line drying is recommended or a low heat tumble dry.

Ezio is 20 months old, 26 ish pounds and about 32 inches tall, depending on the brand and how bulky of a cloth diaper he has on he can fit anywhere from a 12 months (mostly just sweats and they are short) up to a 3T!! To me, it's pretty insane to have to jump around that much in pants for a little guy, so when I first heard of Project Pomona I was quite excited to try them, but also a little skeptical as to if they would actually fit great over cloth diapers. Oh boy, they most definitely fit amazingly well over cloth diapers! Ezio wears fitted diapers (mom's favorite) which are usually bulky, pocket diapers which are usually double stuffed so also bulky and then on not so hot days, when he isn't drinking and wetting as much he also wears prefolds with a cover, probably out most trim diaper, but even those are hard to stuff into "regular" jeans. These size Three (18m-2T) Project Pomona Jeans fit him amazingly well!!

So you mean to tell me their diapers are NOT supposed to be hanging out? Their pants are NOT supposed to be down below the bum and barely up? Before receiving these jeans, it often reminded me of the "Pants on the ground" song when looking at him in pants. It's rather pleasant to see him finally in a comfortable and great fitting pair of jeans. While sweats are cute, I am a huge fan of jeans!  *Please ignore the fact that he is drinking in every single picture, it's the easiest way and best time to take a picture of him other wise he is constantly on the move. The large front panel flap which snaps and unsnaps allows for quick and easy diaper changes without having to take shoes and pants off and then having to wrestle them back on? YES! No difficult metal snaps or buttons that often take forever to finally get closed while trying to wrestle with a squirmy little one. It's like mommy heaven!

No diaper hanging out of the back of his pants is just unheard of never before seen! I also love how they do not touch the floor while he is even barefoot. No torn up bottoms of these jeans! YAY! The waist has elastic around the back, while the front - belly panel does not, but is adjustable with three snaps at the waist allowing for the jeans to fit skinnier and chubbier babes. Ezio's pants are on the smallest snap setting, awesome!, that means these will fit for quite a while! Exciting for a mom of three children who seem to never stop or slow down on their growing. It's like we buy new clothes for the kids and by the time they have worn everything 5-10 times each the clothes are too small and they need all new clothes all over again.

I love the cuffs, they are not sewn up so you can slowly make the cuff smaller and smaller to adjust with your child's growing height. It's like an All-In-One pair of jeans for babe! Love the slack in the straight legs as well, allowing much room to comfortable be on the go as most babies and toddlers are. Ezio certainly does not like a pair of pants or shorts that constrict on his mobility and will take them off as soon as he experiences such. He has not tried to take these jeans off at all. He approves!

My utmost favorite outfit from Project Pomona is the Mushroom Gnome set!

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What is your favorite item from Project Pomona? Which size/fit do you think would fit your bubby best? 

Disclosure: I received the above product(s) in exchange for my 100% honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication. 


  1. Love the Whale's Tale outfit the best. I thing the 2/3T would probably be the best size.

  2. These are just adorable and I love how he held his shirt up for you to take a picture lol

    1. He can cooperate and follow directions when he feels like it! lol

  3. Love the Butterfly Kisses in size 2 for my niece Stella.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  4. these clothes are so cute I love the cuff with the fabric on the pants so sweet.

  5. I like the Tweet love outfit and would get the 3T.